There are multitudes of magazine titles across a wide selection of categories. A lot of people love to read magazines whether they are relaxing in a coffee shop or travelling. Magazines are fun because they usually have interesting stories, interviews, tips from experts, gossip, information and everything else which one can read about on a lighter note.

There are serious magazines as well on current affairs, business and finance, sports or on hobbies like photography. A lot of people love to read magazines and so pick their favorite issues from newsstands and magazine stores. However, your favorite magazine issue might not always be available at the nearest newsstand or magazine store. It is even more difficult to find your favorite magazine if you are in a different country or continent. This is why magazine subscription services prove to be so handy. Moreover, there are so many different magazine subscription services that there are plenty of options for ardent magazine readers.

Wide selection of magazines

Do you devotedly follow the Shape magazine or the Cosmopolitan? A large number of people ensure that they don’t miss a single issue of Shape as they eagerly anticipate the tips and advice offered by the magazine to maintain a good shape as well as to eat and live healthy. In fact, Shape is quite popular not because it is a purely health magazine but because it offers readers a different take on fitness.

For example, there are articles on delicious cuisines from across the world which can be cooked in a healthy way. There is information on fit getaways, weight loss or maintenance strategies and tips on how to get the most out of your favorite fruits and vegetables. When you register for a subscription service, you can also look for other magazines especially if a single issue doesn’t suffice for you.

Subscribing for others

You can subscribe magazines not just for yourself but also for your friends and family members. Many magazine subscription services give you the opportunity to book a gift subscription for your friend or family member elsewhere. Using the same account you can manage plenty of subscriptions whether it is for yourself, your office, your friends or your family members. Moreover, some subscription services will allow you to map different addresses to different magazine subscriptions from the same account. So you can subscribe magazines for yourself in one city and for your friend in another city, if you want to give away a very thoughtful gift.

Benefiting from your subscriptions

Finding the right deal for your magazine subscription is more than just paying for 1-year or 2-year tenure. You can benefit from the magazine subscription services in more ways than one. Firstly, you will get discounts which are hard to imagine or expect when you are purchasing magazines from newsstands or magazine stores. Secondly, you can combine multiple magazine subscriptions to get excellent discounts.

Some magazine subscriptions even have gift vouchers on related items. For example, a lifestyle magazine subscription might get you a 5% discount voucher on beauty products of a particular brand while the magazine subscription of fitness related magazine might get you a discount voucher for membership at an aerobics center.

There are plenty of tools and resources available online for those interested to read magazines of all kinds. You can manage your subscriptions with ease, keep track of your magazine expenses, make note of the discounts you have availed and keep a tab on your magazine related budget. You can also look for magazines in various categories on the basis of the savings they offer.

Once in a while there are special deals and promotional offers too that can be easily availed. There is assistance from the subscription services in the form of timely reminders, alerts and newsletters so that you can easily subscribe, renew or discontinue magazines of your choice and that too at great prices.