There are a few different types of loans that don't check your credit out there, and knowing which one that you can qualify for is going to greatly speed up the entire process. In this article I want to show you the different types of loans, as well as offer some tips for getting them as quickly as possible.

The first, and most common, type of loan with no credit check is the payday loan. These loans are designed for people that have a steady job that pays them every two weeks. In order to qualify you will have had to have been at your current job for at least six months, earn over $800 a month in net income, have a valid checking account, and be over 18. Each lender is going to have their own specifics (especially when it comes to monthly income) but these encompass most qualifications.

To speed these loans up for fast cash now, it's important that you have all of your paperwork put together before applying. This is especially true when working with a local lender. Call them up before you go apply to see what you need to bring with you, and if you need to have references, make sure that those people know that they might be getting a phone call.

Title loans are also considered no credit check loans even though most of them do run your credit. They are considered this because your credit score has little bearing on whether or not you're going to get approved. To get a loan like this you're going to need to own a car that has been completely paid off, and have the title for it. Since these are secured loans they will use the value of your car to determine how much they can lend you. If you have a nice car, you stand to get a large loan, and it can be paid back over 6 or 9 months.

To get these loans as fast as possible, start by cleaning up your car and making it look as good as possible. Next find a lender in your area that will allow you to begin your application online before heading down to the loan office. Getting this paperwork out of the way is going to cut processing time in half!

These are the two most common no credit check loans. There are also pawn broker loans, and other abstract ways of getting cash, but these are pretty dangerous and obscure.

Know what you can get approved for before applying to save yourself a ton of time and stress!