Niche Market

All the chat about finding a niche market is driving me crazy. Somehow, I simply could not understand the whole concept. If you have figured this niche market out, I envy you.

What Is a Niche Market?

A niche marketplace is simply put a marketplace that's aiming at a particular demographic. It may be age or gender related, but commonly it's aiming at a hobby or pass time….Or even the needs of some desperate people. Whatsoever the objective issue is, those internet marketers that are using that niche to earn money are targeting those consumers that have those interests or needs in that market.

Well that's fine and dandy when you read it, but how do you put it into action with your online marketing campaigns?

Finding Those Hungry Niche Markets...And Keywords!

For my example I'm going to use the keyword "dog". We're going to be using Goggles own free keyword tool.

I've entered the word "dog". I have set the Advanced Options to United States.

The keyword "dog" has 45,500,000 Global Monthly Results. Wow that's a lot of searches! Let's do a quick search on Google for "dog" and we see that there are 614,000,000 results. That's way to competitive.

Let's check out the "dog training". It has 823,000 searches a month and has a CPC of $2.85. A quick search on Google for "dog training" returns 7,890,000 results. Still to competitive.

Now let's check out "how to train a dog". It has 110,000 searches a month and a CPC of $ .87. A quick search on Google shows 640,000 results. A little better but still to competitive.

Let's dig a little deeper "how to train a puppy". It has 90,500 searches and a CPC of $.53. Searching Google returns 231,000 results. Getting better.

Niche Target MarketNow let's search the keyword tool for "how to train a puppy not to bite". There's 2,400 monthly searches for this long tail keyword and only 11,800 results.

Why is this so crucial? If you're trying to earn money online with only free methods, It's important to use long tail varieties of your main keyword. Simply by digging down "dog" we've gone from a super competitive keyword to a good searched long tail keyword phrase that has 2,400 monthly searches and less than 12,000 results.

So as you can see how the broad niche market is going to be real hard to get your articles or blogs into page 1 of Google...However digging into the micro-niche long tail keywords will allow you to get your articles...Blogs etc...on page 1 of Google!

You can use this free method of digging down a broad keyword to find those less competitive long tail keywords to write about.

I'm going to take this phrase "how to train a puppy not to bite" a step further and show you how to find out who your competition is.

What I do is search this phrase with allintitle... I enter [allintitle:"how to train a puppy not to bite"] into Google and I get 384 results.

We can see that ehow...wikihow...suite101...ezinearticles and hubpages have ranked for the keyword. If these article sites can rank on page 1 of Google...Than you can get a infobarrel article on page 1!

I did a search on infobarrel and there's no article YET using this title! I also know that Amazon has a lot of products on dog training. Clickbank also has several very good eBooks that you can promote that pay a commission of 75%.

I have just set up a inforbarrel article using the longtail keyword phrase How to Train a Puppy Not to Bite. I have made sure to make it at least 600 words...That gets the vertical Adsense bar to show. I also have some Amazon products in the amazon display box. You can if you choose to link to a actual product in anchor text.

I have 2 contexual links to a Clickbank product that pays a commission of $26.23. Everything I have done is FREE and I have 4 revenue opportunties...Clickbank, Amazon, Adsense and Chitika.

The next step is to write a few more articles on infobarrel and inter link them...More to come!

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