What percentage of us hold down a job we're not entirely satisfied with? How many of us are desperate to get out? And how many of us simply dream of running our own business one day, being our own boss and reaping the rewards of our own hard work.

The harsh reality of the situation is often that building a business is not easy, and not quick, and with the needs we have to pay the rent and feed the kids (oh, and ourselves) we simply can't give up our full time incomes in order to make our businesses work, and have to give it part time attention until it is making enough money to replace our regular paycheck. So how can we fit our entrepreneurial endeavours around our 9-5 commitments.

The first thing to understand is that there is an element of sacrifice, and elements of your daily routine are probably going to suffer in the short term in order for the long term benefits. However, starting a business is rewarding and can be fun, and it isn't all about sacrifice when there is much enjoyment to be had.

Here are my top tips for fitting your business in:

  • Sacrifice your lunch hour. Close the office doors and eat your sandwiches while you work on your own project, its not that big a compromise to make but that hour a day can be vital to your growth.
  • Work on the commute, or any journeys you have to take. You can do this whether you're driving or on public transport, though a laptop on a train is probably the easiest way to do this. How can you do it while you drive? Get a dictaphone and make audio notes, or get a hands free kit and make any calls you need while you're driving.
  • Get rid of any ways you waste your time, any guilty pleasure TV shows or excessive time spent cooking for example. Utilise the time you have created.
  • Utilise your weekends. Yeah, you might have to put up with not going out for drinks quite with friends or going to see the football, but remember your ultimate goal and it will get slightly easier. It is worth it in the long run.
  • Give yourself some free time, too. This is key, and easy to forget when you're trying to squeeze everything into your week, but you can't let yourself fall into the habit of working 24/7, or you'll never be working at your full potential. Work is important, but so is recharging your batteries.