How to Find Time to Exercise?

Do you have trouble finding time to exercise? When you look in the mirror, do you wish you could get rid of that belly fat, tone up your thighs or slim down your hips or bum?  Chances are you are like many people who have a schedule that is so packed that there is no time to take an hour to exercise every day.  Between cooking dinner, cleaning house, going to work, taking care of the family pet, washing clothes, going to doctors' appointments, shopping for birthday and Christmas presents, shuttling the kids from point A to point B, life is crazy and leaves finding time to exercise seem impossible.  Instead of trying to fit in a big daily workout into routine, make exercise a part of what you are already doing with some minor alterations.

Getting fit and healthy is a matter of a made up mind.  When you decide you are going to get fit, you will notice lifestyle changes taking place.  Use these 20 great suggestions to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. 

  1. Don’t Miss A Flight. Never skip the opportunity to zip up a few flights of stairs.  Don’t take the elevator or escalator.  Take the stairs and burn some calories.  Challenge yourself and sprint up the stairs.  If you have stairs at home, sprint up and down the stairs taking up or down needed items with each trip.  Climbing stairs tones the quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors and abductors.  Don’t miss your opportunity to slim the thighs.
  2. Don’t Sit. Do you lounge on the couch or floor while chatting on the phone? Turn phone time into valuable workout time.  Try doing side leg lifts while you are on the phone.  If you sit while you fold clothes, try to stand while folding clothes and you will burn twice as many calories.
  3. Take Ten. Before grabbing a snack in the kitchen, make it a habit to do 10 cross-body stretches or reaches, which are great for the abdominals.  While doing these reaches, name 10 healthy snacks you could choose.  Then, much on one of the health choices, instead of a sweet or salty, high-fat snack. 
  4. Make Your Clean-Up A Workout.  Why not make cleaning a workout?  Don’t hire or wait for someone to clean your house or mow your lawn, vacuum the floors, mow your yard, rake the leaves, sweep the sidewalk and shovel the snow.  All of these are great calorie burns, raise your heart rate and can help tone your body. 
  5. Take a Breather. Sometimes you need a break and need to sit down.  Take a seat on the floor and stretch your legs while incorporating deep breathing exercise.  Breathe in through nose and out through your mouth.  You’ll improve your lungs, stay limber and enjoy an energy boost to continue on your busy schedule. 
  6. Get Moving.  Do you need a small item from the convenience store or pharmacy?  Strap on some skates, get on your bicycle or put on your walking shoes to transport you to your local store.  Instead of burning gas in your car, burn fat and tone your leg muscles.  Additionally, this will reduce your stress level and make you feel ready to tackle anything. 
  7. Visiting A Friend.  Do you ever schedule a lunch date with a friend or family member?  Instead of a lunch date, turn your time into fitness time by going hiking or walking.  Talking while you walk or hike will make your exercise fly by and not feel like a chore. 
  8. Just Dance.  When you setting the table or dusting the furniture, turn the music up and add some of your best dance moves to the chore.  You’ll have fun, burn more calories and be in a better mood when you are done.
  9. Lunge Into Action.  Make it your job to get the mail and newspaper every day.  Don’t just walk to the mailbox.  Do lunges all the way out to the mailbox and back. Lunges work your bum and quadriceps for a buttocks and thighs. To prevent knee injury, don’t let you knees extend beyond your toes when you are lunging. 
  10. Take Advantage of Fundraising.  If you are involved in any fundraising planning or events, always sign up or suggest events involving physical fitness, such as a walk-a-thon, a bike-a-thon or a dance-a-thon. Participate and you are helping your cause and getting fit.
  11. Family Competition.  Turn your family time or family reunions into friendly fitness competition.  Play a game of volleyball or basketball.  Or, you can plan relays for friendly competition with combined exercise.   
  12. Car Exercises.  We spend an unbelievable amount of time in sitting in the car and waiting in traffic.  Don’t let this time go to waste, incorporate isotonic exercises for toning and strengthening.  Isotonic exercises include muscle contractions.  For example, you can hold in your stomach muscle for 30 seconds and release. Do 5 sets and you have completed an abdominal workout. 
  13. Exercise Your Pup.  Your pup needs exercise too.  So why not kill two birds with one stone?  Throw the ball, play Frisbee or go for a run with your dog.  This will help keep you dog healthy and happy and increase your fitness level. 
  14. Speed Walk.  Do you have several errands to run?  Put on your walking shoes.  Time yourself, and power walk from one errand to another.  Even if you have to drive yourself to the locations, power walk in and out of the building to get your heart rate up.  Not only will save time, but you will burn calories. 
  15. Quality Time.  Never underestimate the power of communicating with your partner through dance.  Dance with your significant other or child by dancing.  It doesn’t matter if you are dancing slow or fast…the point is that you are moving. 
  16. Cool Off.  On a hot summer day, don’t walk inside an air-conditioned home and plop on the couch.  Grab your swimsuit and go take a dip in the pool.  If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, go swimming in your community pool or at your local recreation center.
  17. Wake with a Stretch.  Do gentle stretches as soon as you wake up.  A morning stretch routine will get your circulation going and protect your muscles from injury throughout the day.  You can do your first long body stretches before you even get out of bed!
  18. Walk the Talk.  Do you ever drive around a store parking lot in an attempt to find the closest parking place?  Don’t bother.  Park far away and walk.  By the time you find that close parking space, you could have already made it to the door by walking. 
  19. Skip the Commercials. Don’t give up watching your favorite TV shows. Jump rope, do pushups or run in place during the commercials breaks instead of hitting the refrigerator. 
  20. Wind Down with Flexion. End the day with isolation exercises.  Extend and curl your arms.  Flex and point your feet.  Tilt your pelvis and release.  Roll your shoulders back and forth.  Move your head from side to side and forward and backward.  You will be relaxed and ready for a night of good sleep.    

Finding time to exercise is not easy.  However, by incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you can make exercise a part of your life.