So you found some sites online and now you need to know what to write about? Well for me I know most people first write about topics they know a lot about first. I say the main reason for this is because it is a lot easier to write about what you know that way you will spend less time on research.

Ok so now after you wrote everything about being a stay at home mom or dad what's next? For there are a few places I look online to find topics to write about. One place that might come out handy I say is forums. This is where people discuss a wide range of topics and this might spark an idea for you to write about something someone is talking about.

Another place that you might want to look to your family or friends they might have some insight to topics you might be good at writing as well. I did this myself when I started getting writers block and my family was more than willing to share some topic ideas with me.

Next idea I have is go for a walk. You might be thinking ummm sure like that will work. Don't diss it until you try it I did that and came up with a really great topic to write about and it paid off!

Also you could make an article off another article you wrote. Say for example you wrote about making money online but you know a certain way to earn online well pick a new title and topic as a whole but stick with the money theme and than bam you have another new topic to write about!

Also I say look in newspapers, news online, and even in magazines as well. These places are main topics that people would be discussing which also makes perfect since because why right an article no one will read.

The last and final place that came to my mind is a dictionary. I see that sometimes we all think we know all the right words to use so to speak but I have even gotten an article topic to write about from a dictionary myself. So in the end look around you because there is always something new to write about online or offline.