Looking for Michigan Unclaimed Assets?

michigan unclaimed assets

The State of Michigan helps families and people find unclaimed assets.  There are many different types of unclaimed funds that the Department of Treasury tracks.  Some examples include, old bank accounts, matured CDs, IRA dividends, royalties, un-cashed payroll checks, bonus checks, safe deposit box assets, utility deposit refunds, and mineral rights royalties.  The Michigan Department of Treasury is equipped with tools allowing a search of unclaimed money or property.  For those in charge of an estate in Michigan, or those who simply want to search or explore for lost money here are the steps:

  1. Make a list of possible assets that went unclaimed.  Find documents listing old bank accounts, safe deposit box information, full legal names, social security number or federal tax ID number, aliases, old addresses, employment records, property ownership, and investments.  This step is easy if it is for yourself.  If you are looking for assets for a family member or for an estate, find all the documents possible.
  2. Visit the michigan.gov website and go to the Department of Treasury section.  Navigate to the Treasury section by clicking "Agencies" on the top menu bar.  Then scroll down to "Visit Web Site" at "Treasury" at the bottom of the list.
  3. Click on the blue banner labeled "Claiming unclaimed property. Start searching for your unclaimed property in Michigan".
  4. Under the heading "How to claim your unclaimed property", click the link "Michigan's Money Quest". 
  5. In the middle of the page there is an empty box labeled "Name:" with a search button.  Enter the legal name of the person who has lost assets.  Try every variation possible of the legal name, with and without the middle name and initial.  The records in the system vary based on data entered.  It is even possible that an error occurred when the records were entered.   If the name is a common name, try to narrow down the search with the exact legal name. 
  6. Once a match is made with unclaimed funds there is paperwork to complete.  Fill out Form 3433, Initial unclaimed property inquiry.  Enter all the data acquired in Step 1 into the form.  Sign the form, include copies of your state photo ID, social security card, and mail the form to the address listed.  If you are claiming on behalf of an estate or minor, include copies of documentation giving you authority.
  7. Remember to follow up with the initial inquiry.  Keep in phone contact or letter correspondence with the Department of Treasury to make sure the applicaiton is being processed.