If you are in the market for some unique handcrafted jewelry there are a couple of sources that you can try. Handcrafted jewelry are works of art that are specifically designed by the jewelry artist and can be quite stunning and unique.

Look in your local craft store for some unique finished pieces. They often have examples of the kind of jewelry that can be made for sale. You will find a variety of different colored crystal beads and gems that are used in the handcrafted pieces. It will also give you a good idea of the items that you can make yourself if you are creative enough.

These pieces are great for a special event that is coming up. It's difficult to find jewelry that will go along with an outfit that you may have purchased for a special evening out. Handcrafted jewelry will give you a great many more options than the typical items that you will find in the store. The artistic value of the pieces that are offered as handcrafted make them a wonderful way to accessorize your outfit.

The next place to find high quality handcrafted jewelry is a craft fair. At a craft fair you will find items that are of the finest quality and will sell for a reasonable price. The items that are included at a craft fair are chosen to be a part of the fair and must meet certain requirements to be included. The quality of the items is the first requirement that must be met by the craftsperson. Browse the craft fair while you are there. Chances are there is more than one jewelry designer displaying their items. You will be sure to find some very high quality unique handcrafted jewelry at the fair.

You might be able to get some handcrafted jewelry pieces custom made for you if you know someone who is able to create jewelry. If you are lucky enough to know someone who can make jewelry you can ask him or her to make you some jewelry with the materials that you specify. Even if you don't know someone personally that can create handcrafted jewelry, many of the jewelry artists who are at the craft fairs will be able to make pieces for you. Get their email address or phone number and arrange to discuss the kind of handcrafted jewelry you are looking for. Ask that you be allowed to choose the materials that are used in the pieces and you will be guaranteed to get a piece of jewelry that meets your needs. Give them an idea of where you plan to wear the jewelry or the outfit that you plan to wear with the jewelry. This will help them to determine lengths of necklaces and the style that will work best with the piece they are custom designing for you.