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What can a simple cash register receipt do for me?  After all once you get your food order all the items that you do not eat just go into the trash, right?  Honestly and truthfully the receipt should not be thrown away.  Now let me tell you why this should not happen.  The restaurant business is very competitive.  Many places have free offers in order to get you as a repeat customer to their establishment.  All that you usually have to do is take about 3 minutes of your time to fill out a brief survey online.  It's not hard and you will be rewarded for this short task.  All of this information is located on that fast food receipt and that is why it should not end up in the trash.

Questions could be things like what you ordered, how clean was the facility overall, how were you treated by the staff, etc.  Then you may be asked was the temperature of your meal adequate or did you order anything that needed special attention i.e. did you want that burger with cheese and without pickles or just as it comes from the menu?  When the questions are completed a code is usually given.  This code is to be written on the receipt in the space provided.

Filling out these surveys gives the management team feedback by telling them how they are serving you as a customer.  Therefore it is very important to answer all the questions truthfully. By reading your completed survey each individual restaurant can get a feel for their strong points.  They can also see where improvements may be needed to please you. If there would not be customers who choose fast food restaurants these businesses could not exist.  So you and what you have to say is important.

The reward that you get for spending your time working on these surveys varies depending on where you decide to eat.  It is usually a food item from the menu.  Certain places even give you the option of choosing between two menu items.  Choices are good!

The amount of money that you spend at fast food restaurants will not be totally eliminated but a savings will be seen. The savings you see will be a direct result of the effort that you take on the surveys.  You usually are only permitted to fill out one survey per month at each restaurant.  By picking and choosing different places to dine you can take full advantage of these special offers every month.  Saving money may just be the reason you need to take time and read those register receipts from the fast food restaurants.  This is a far better idea rather than having them end up in the trash can.

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