How to Find Your Mojo and Keep It Through the Good Times and the Bad

Making a plan for earning money online is very important. It is easy to get distracted with the phone, household chores, and the television. I am an organized person, and one of the things that I like to do to keep myself on track is to write down my daily writing goals. You can do this in a notebook or even on a sticky note that is in full view on your computer monitor. Once an article or a bit of research is completed, you can check it off.

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Back in December 2010, my husband shared the news with me that his office was closing and he was relocating back to the main office, which was ten minutes from our home.  For the first time in sixteen years, he was going to be home for dinner, home to help get the kids out the door in the morning, and finally become a regular part of our everyday lives.

While that news was good, it was bad because his branch closing meant that business was down.

Way down.

I had to do something, so I decided to change my writing hobby into a career and put it into full gear.

Write Down Your Goals

I wrote a goal article on InfoBarrel and each month I shared what I was able to accomplish and what I could not.  Writing it down for the public to read made me push myself harder than I ever did before, as who wants to fail in front of their readers? 

The IB community was a great source of support for me, and ever since that initial push, I have always written down my goals for myself and that motivates me to continue, even with time as a factor.

I typically write down my goals the night before so I have a place to launch during the day.

For example, today I have research as my goal for the day, as my morning is broken up with a doctor's appointment. I will create a document, find the resources I need and copy and paste the URL onto it. I will them write myself a note as to why this particular article is useful as I create an outline for the topic.

If I am doing a product related article, I will search Amazon for the related items and place the photo and link in it so I can use it when I have time to write. I will also add the product description (in my own words of course) at that time so all I have to do is add the text when I have time. It makes article writing go by so much faster for me.

I also have a computer monitor and wall full of sticky notes that have ideas, niches and keywords for me to look into. It certainly helps me to avoid writer's block! 

Keep a Spreadsheet

You may be in for a surprise!

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It is hard to stay motivated when you first begin your online writing venture. You put in a lot more time than the money you are earning, and over time, you may sit and wonder is it even worth it?

To stay motivated, I strongly suggest you keep some kind of spreadsheet. Log in that information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Over time, you should hopefully see the numbers increase. Then you have proof that this is worth your time and energy!

Even if you only earn a few dollars a month, over time that adds up. For example, I earn between $5-$10 a month using Swagbucks. Let's say I earn $10 a month in Amazon gift cards. Over the course of a year, that is $120!  Seeing an image of your earnings is such a motivator to do more so you can earn more.

When I add my payments to my monthly spreadsheet, it is a visual way for me to see what sites are working well for me and what is not. I can show my husband what I am earning, and it makes him smile. Once upon a time he laughed at my nickels, now he brags to others how I am earning money at home with my writing! And we drive our CPA crazy when it is tax time-he had to learn a few new things about a work at home business.

My spreadsheet has changed over the years, as writing sites have folded or I have not liked how the site owners are treating the writers so I have removed my content and moved them to my own blogs or sites started by other online writers that I know and trust. I have also added other affiliate programs like Linkshare, Viglink, Shareasale, and Commission Junction to my portfolio to help me promote products not necessarily found on Amazon.

While it has changed, at one time I had 18 different sources of online income on my spreadsheet, and that did not factor in my brief return to eBay in the early winter to sell items for my daughter and myself.

This Book Has Been on My Nightstand for Years

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This book changed my outlook on life. Every thing you do, little or small, will help you on your way to success.

Don't Let Lack of Time Be a Reason to Stop

You can make money in 30 minutes a day!

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Is it too good to be true? Can you make money online in only 30 minutes a day?

Yes, you can.

There are days when my real world life is crazy busy. While others may complain about not having time to write, I will take any small pocket of time that I have and try to earn money.


  • I can do tasks on Swagbucks and earn my points towards the Amazon gift cards I earn.
  • I can upload photos to some private Facebook groups where I belong to sell items I need to get rid of.
  • Older articles can get updated by adding a few new photos, pinning them and trying to gain new traffic. I can also add new Amazon items to these or restock my empty virtual shelves.
  • I can add a new blog post to any of my monetized sites and then pin the article.
  • I can upload new Zazzle products.

Of course, I am not raking in the big bucks this way-but that is not the point.

You can sow the seeds to earn money online in 30 minutes a day if you work hard and are dedicated to your goals. Pennies do turn into nickels which turn into quarters which will turn into dollars! You just have to stay focused on whatever prize you have for yourself. If you have the mindset of success, then you take the time to do the small tasks that will help you reach the goal you have set for yourself.

Staying motivated is not always easy, but the end goal is worth it.