Decorative colored towels are a really inexpensive accessory that adds a high end look to a guest bathroom. This is also a chance to bring in color. You can find very subtle ways to add a personal touch to these items so that they will still make a very big impact. It can work with a vintage room or a shabby chic design.

You'll really want to consider the color of your towels. This is especially important if you're planning on layering several different sizes of bath sheets and hand towels on top of each other. Really, a lot of people just tend to go with the same color which can be a very cohesive look. You can just tie all of the towels together with a tassel if you want a decorative accent and you will need to make sure that the items are still functional.

If you do go with a solid color of towel then make sure that it's very durable. It should really look high end and just so that it is different from everyone else's bath towel. It should be a microsuede or velvet kind of towel which is going to be extremely soft and opulent looking. This works very well for elegant or traditional bathrooms. You can just try out a basic terrycloth in a bright white for a modern design style but be aware that you will probably have to replace these a little bit more often just because of the color.

Look to this as a simple craft project. You'll need to be aware that often you can't run these projects through the washer so it's better for smaller decorative pieces. You can always layer it with useable towels. Try adding ribbon or a monogram with embroidery. This may be able to be laundered. Monograms also make great wedding gifts and a lot of higher end stores offer this option. It's also a way to add personality to a basic white towel. Oftentimes you can get really good deals at white sales and then buy in bulk. Everyone always needs new towels right? Then give everyone a different look. 

This can also be a way to bring in a theme. Floral towels may have a simple floral band around them. It can also have an all over pattern. In a kid's bathroom you can have a lot of fun just adding in very beautiful, beach towels. These use a variety of fun and funky colors and it's a great way to accent a room where the theme might be based around water. This is a chance to just get a lot of color and it’s some of the most inexpensive towels that you can buy.

Decorative towels aren't just for the bathroom. For instance a vintage kitchen towel is a way to give a retro or antique design style to your space. These might be merely decorative depending on the value. Of course the monetary value is also important but these might be sentimental pieces that you have inherited. In this case you want to really preserve them by just displaying them. You can have more functional towels for actually wiping up spills. You will need to make sure that everyone in the family understands the difference between them just so that the antique pieces are preserved.

You can also use vintage kitchen towels in a variety of ways. In this case, you could sew several together to use them as a tablecloth. You could frame them out for artwork. This is especially important if there are a lot of beautiful embroidery accents to the piece. If it has lace edging you really want to highlight the amazing craftsmanship. You can even sew a few of these into a simple window valance for a country kind of look. You probably want to just use this in one or two areas just so that it doesn't seem too cheesy and the beauty of each individual towel is still going to shine through.

When you go with a designer bath towel you're going to have all different kinds of options as far as your colors go. There are a few basic colors that are always easy to find such as blue and white. However, if you want to venture into more trendy colors such as turquoise, gray, or purple you have a more limited selection. You might have to pay more money. You can just have a few decorative towels that you'd hang out as display pieces. Then you can go with less expensive neutral colors for your everyday towels.

This is also a way to get your favorite color in the room in a very manageable way. This is especially important if you just want something very feminine such as a rose towel but you don't want pink to dominate your entire room. In this case it can match anything from brown, gray, or white walls and you just get a subtle accent color that you can change depending on the seasons or your mood. This can also feel very shabby chic and you can pair it with porcelain white bath accessories for a complete theme that's going to be quite inexpensive.

You also really want to consider the size. Cotton bath sheets allow you plenty of room. In this case you can be creative with your folding to make sure that it's still looks really nice and hang it on the bath bar. You can also just put them in a pile with a lot of these items up on shelves for a very spa like kind look. When you display these items you need to make sure that they all match. This almost becomes a focal element in the room but it is still perfectly functional and allows you to display items that might otherwise be hidden away. This is especially important if you just have a pedestal sink or your vanity is full. You're going to have to find new ways to really store the items that you would normally hide away in a linen closet or vanity cupboard.