Take it easy

When we have a long stressful day the first thing we think about is wanting to relax. There is a great need to finding time to rest because it both rejuvenates our minds and gives our bodies a chance to release tension and stress. Most people find themselves sitting on the couch watching TV or surfing the internet, but this doesn't always lead to that satisfaction that we desire deep down on the inside. There needs to be another way of releasing tension and stress besides sitting in front of the TV all the time, so what can we do?

Finding a resting spot

There is something that goes deep down to our core when we find ourselves a spot we call our own that we can rest and take in all the things we've experienced. SomRelaxCredit: http://www.morguefile.come people find a certain spot on their property that has a peaceful setting, some people like to find their favorite local hiking spot, others go to a local coffee shop and sit in the corner to relax. Wherever this spot may be, there needs to be a strong emphasis on making this your primary go to place to relieve yourself of the cares of this world and focus on fun relaxing activities to lose the stress. It's extremely important to find that resting spot and enjoy yourself. Don't put it off for another time and think that you are too busy to do this important activity; that's the very reason why it is so important. Take time out of your day to refocus on things most important in your life.

Activities to do in your resting spot

When you have located a spot that you feel you can turn off the things of this world and relax, focus on a number of different activities you can do to turn down the volume of this world. I personally have a hiking spot I run to when I need to get away, but wherever that is find it and make that your go to place. When there, focus on things that relieve stress and encourage yourself and find peace. Usually this will mean reading a book, or taking pictures, or just spending quiet meditation time to refocus and get the cares of this world ofReadingCredit: http://www.morguefile.comf your back. People who are always plugged into this world can never seem to let go and this is why we suffer from depression and burn out. There is something deep in the core of every human being that longs for a reason to get away from it all and meditate on good, peaceful things. I personally enjoy taking time to sit and look at the surrounding scenery and focusing on the good things I've done through the day. I'm a Christian so I like to spend time to devote myself to listening to God and His Word, others like to find peace in listening to music or reading a book. Get lost in something other than your own world and you will find that every part of your being both physically and mentally will improve. This is because our minds aren't wired to always be functioning at full capacity in this world, we need time away and refocus.

The positive effects on the body and mind

Now that you have your resting spot and you have activities to do here that help you relieve yourself of stress, what effects will this have on you? The first thing you will notice very quickly when retreating here is a sharp decrease in negative thoughts. This is because when you come here there won't be any focusing on negative things or what's going on in your world, this is a place to meditate and relax. So when your mind is turned off from your problems you will notice a sort of relfreedomCredit: http://www.morguefile.comease of these emotions and it clears your mind from things. Having a clear perspective is key to being happy, productive, and fulfilled. If we are always thinking then there's no room for creativity. I find the best time for me to come up with original ideas and new inventive things are when I'm in my resting spot, and you will too. The next thing is the decrease in tension in your body which has a healing effect. The more stress and tension your physical body is under the more sick and tired you will become. It's just natural for our bodies to shut down and grow tired when we're always having anxious thoughts of the day and how we're going to make things work. Let that all go and suddenly your mind and body will have a positive response to those release of emotions. There are numerous studies that have taken place over many years that show an amazing statistic. People who find time to relax and refocus their minds are much more successful and fulfilled and happy, while people who are constantly stressing out about things aren't nearly as fruitful and happy. Stop trying to be efficient with all of your time and take time out of your day to let go and relax.