Spirit animals

Many spiritual paths, such as Pagan and Native American beliefs, explore the idea that animal guides have much to teach us. It's believed that everyone can discover their spiritual animal through meditation or some other form of self-exploration.

For this article, I'll be using a meditation technique to help you discover and communicate with your spirit animal. Before we start, know that the animal chooses you. You'll feel what animal is because it's characteristics most embody you.


Before we can get in contact with your spirit animal, you must get into a state of meditation. Start by sitting comfortably or laying down. Clear your mind and focus, for now, on your breathing. Don't let any other concerns from your life break into your thoughts.

meditationBegin to relax your body. Starting from the very tips of your toes, relax every muscle one by one until everything up to your head and face is completely relaxed. Feel your body become grounded and heavy, sinking closer to the ground.

Now, in your mind, paint the picture of an open field with lush green grass that brushes along your legs. Feel the sun beat hotly down on your body. In the distance you notice a flowing river with a few tall strong trees running along it. Walk to this river at your own leisure, knowing you are welcome to explore the space.

When you reach the river, dip your hand in the water and feel how cool it is against your skin. Now sit down beneath a tree.

Finding Your Animal

Now it's time to begin to try and contact your animal. Your spirit animal has been with you all your life, guarding you and guiding you. It picked you because you are most like it. It is important that you don't put thought into your spirit animal. You don't pick it.

But you will know what it is. Deep inside you'll feel it. In your meditation peak around the tree and discover what your animal is. Meet them, but be cautious because they are still an animal. Your spirit animal doesn't need a name, but it does have one. You will know it. In your unconscious you know their name. It may take several sessions of meditation to discover it, however.

Speak to your animal, tell them of your problems and ask them for guidance. Be respectful though, your spirit animal is wise and does not take interest in what you should serve for dinner. They are interested in you deep mental dilemmas and want to help you solve them.

Of course animals can't speak, but you will hear their voice in your mind. They are there to help you talk through your problems to find the best solution. They are there to protect your spirit. They are company for you when you have none.