Don't panic. You may have been running around the high street trying to find Zhu Zhu pets hamsters with little luck but there are a few places to buy these most sought after bundles of fun online. They are definitely on all children's Christmas lists this year and parents are trying to ensure that they don't disappoint.

A few sites still have Zhu Zhu Pets In Stock so take advantage of purchasing online to save yourself upsetting the children this year. It may seem hard to believe what all the fuss is about but these really do seem to be quite a good toy for the kids. As well as giving them hours of fun Zhu Zhu pets are actually a surprisingly good educational aid.

They actually give children a sense of what it is like to look after real animals. Although obviously they are not the same as the real thing they will help children to understand just what it is like to care for a small hamster. The Zhu Zhu pets have real houses just like hamsters do and they move around the floor in a manic way just as the real thing does.

Apart from helping children to become acquainted with what it is like to own a hamster the main point of the toy is obviously the fun that is to be had with these little fur balls. Although they are very popular with girls there are also lots ofaccessories that make them appealing to boys. There are cars available to sit them in and boys seem to love them. It may not seem like entirely natural to sit a hamster in a car but it sure keeps them happy.

If you are going to buy one then it is worth doing so soon. It seems that many people are taking advantage of the scarcity of these toys and prices are set to rise quite dramatically in the run up to Christmas. These toys will become scarcer as people panic buy so it is worth trying to stay away from this and get your purchases sorted out as soon as you can.

Every so often a craze like this hits and things can get slightly out of control. Don't forget that it is just a toy and nothing to panic over. This is why it is worth getting them son to avoid the panic that is sure to hit fairly soon. They are a great toy but Zhu Zhu pets in stock will be hard to find as Christmas approaches so try to avoid the rush.