The beauty of external hard drives

Cheap external hard drives can really make your computing life easier. These things come in handy for people who are on the move, or require a lot of disc space on their computers. When they were originally created in the 50’s by IBM, external hard drives were the size of two refrigerators but held only a fraction of the data they do now. These days portable external hard drives make file and media storage easy to carry around with you.


Which portable external hard drive is right for you?

Like any product, there are a ton of different external hard drives on the market. Prices can range in to the thousands of dollars but most people should expect to spend a couple of hundred. A 1tb external hard drive is the most common for everyday use at work or home. However, as technology advances, we might be more apt to buy one withmore disc space.

If you’re working on a major project I would recommend an industrial sized drive, which could set you back up to $20,000. I don’t think I’ll ever be running any projects like that, so I stick with the portable ones.


What people are sayingExternal hard drive reviews

1tb external hard drive

Western Digital - My Passport Essential External Hard Drive 

The Western Digital line is definitely a customer favorite and for good reason. I use this puppy; to store media and music files to use with my netbook while traveling. It’s also a great back and forth storage device between home and the office. It’s lightweight and as you can see in the photo; it’s smaller than a passport. Customers on most websites rave about this particular product for its quality and price.

Iomega External Hard Drive – eGo 1TB Portable Hard Drive

Iomega 1TB eGo Portable Hard Drive

Iomega is a well-known American manufacturer of external and portable hard drives. The company was founded in the 80s and has since sold over 400,000,000 units. With such a popular product, it’s no wonder so many people look for these hard drives by name.  This product in particular though, seems to get some mixed feedback. While some like the idea of buying the brand; others have complained the interface isn't as user friendly as it should be.

 Getting cheap external hard drives is just like getting anything else, you have to shop around. I’ve given you two examples of popular portable external hard drives but there is a whole world of disc space out there for you to explore.