Purchasing a cheap and best 10X10 pop up canopy with sides can be the ideal way for a business to visit trade shows. These convenient tents also provide shelter for family picnics and camping trips.

What Is a Pop Up Canopy?

A pop up canopy provides instant shelter, yet can be quickly and easily folded down for portability. These products are available in a range of sizes, but the ones that seem to be the most versatile are 10X10. These are large enough to accommodate people and products, yet are small enough to be transported and set up by one person.

Canopy Parts

In most cases, the canopy frame and top are two separate pieces. Aluminum or steels are the materials most frequently used to build the frame. Steel frames are heavier and less expensive while aluminum is lighter and therefore easier to transport. Accordingly, models that feature an aluminum frame tend to be more expensive. Some premium models now have a stainless steel frame that offers better durability than aluminum but is nonetheless lighter than conventional steel.

The top is most often fashioned from a polyester fabric blend. The mostly commonly seen color is white. However, a canopy may be purchased in almost any color. Yellow, green, red and blue are common choices, but if you require something outside of the ordinary, some manufacturers can produce a customized color to suit your needs.

Fabric Quality

A good quality fabric can keep your family or your wares dry and protected from the elements. Fabric with a denier rating of 500 is usually adequate for most purposes. Fabrics with a higher denier rating are sometimes available, but these can add significant weight, making transport tricky. They also feature little added benefit to most users, so looking for fabric of 500 denier is sufficient.

Safety and Comfort Features

Most fabric tops are fire-retardant. This makes for a safer covering, especially when a campfire is in the area. The top is also usually water-resistant. Most manufacturers shy away from claiming that their fabric is fully waterproof. This is because of the seams used in constructing the top. Other, more expensive, fabrics like polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and silicone elastomers are waterproof.

Canopy with Sidewalls Provide Extra Protection

Sidewalls are an excellent accessory that provide extra protection from the elements and also help to prevent unsupervised access. The walls keep out the wind so that it cannot disturb the people or items that are under the canopy. They also prevent bright sunlight from fading wares and causing visitors to squint. Walls also add an element of security as they effectively provide controlled access to the canopy.

Options for Purchasing

An instant or pop up canopy can be purchased online or in brick and mortar stores. Many websites that sell these items offer free shipping, making this an economical and convenient choice.


The eCanopy website just might be the Internet’s foremost canopy retailer. They are a recognized manufacturer of quality products that stand the test of time, even when they are used in bad weather conditions. One of their most popular products is the Caravan 10 X 10 DisplayShade Canopy Value Package. The package features a steel frame that is rust resistant and has been treated with powder coating. The top is made from polyester rated at 500 denier, offering fire resistance and protection from damaging ultraviolet rays. Seven feet of headroom clearance make this one of the easiest canopies on the market to use as does the proprietary pull pin set up system. Included in the value package are the side walls, a rope and stake kit and a roller bag for easy transport. At just 68 pounds, the package is easy to maneuver, even for one or two people. The website also offers free shipping, making this one of the best deals around.


The Hutshop website is another reliable purveyor of canopies. One of their most popular styles is the Impact Canopy 10 X 10 Easy Pop Up Tent Commercial Grade AOL Package Plus Four Matching Sidewalls. A fabric canopy rated at 500 denier makes this product able to withstand plenty of use even in adverse weather. It adjusts to five different heights and features truss bars manufactured from aluminum. The frame is powder coated and rust resistant and the top is available in five fashionable colors. Hutshop can print text and signage on the walls in a variety of colors to match any company’s color scheme. They will even let you add a banner to the display for a nominal fee. Each of the four walls can be easily rolled up if necessary, and the package includes a roller bag and a set of rope and stakes.


The BuyShade website features an impressive array of products at surprisingly affordable prices. Their E-Z Up 10’ Middle Zipper Sidewall canopy is one of their best items. It’s available in 22 vivid colors. Red, white and blue are always in stock. Custom colors like camouflage, fuchsia, gold and turquoise require a few extra days of processing and are just slightly more expensive. Heavy, durable fabric and a sturdy frame make these items a great choice for either business or casual use.

Retail Stores

These days, it’s easy to find instant canopies through any number of retailers. Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart, Sears, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods have all sold these products before. While it is often possible to find these products in brick and mortar locations, it won’t hurt to also visit the websites of these stores as sometimes this will provide you with greater selection. Alternatively, shopping in the store just might give you a chance to see and feel the fabric as well as test how easy it really is to assemble the product. If you have the time and the desire, you could find the model you like in a store and then shop online to see if you can find a better deal.

Looking for Deals

At the end of the summer, many retailers mark down their stock of canopies to unbelievably low prices. That’s because most consumers tend to purchase and use these items when the weather is nicer. Nonetheless, these products also sometimes go on sale in the spring when many industries are gearing up for trade shows and fairs. Either way, it’s usually pretty easy to find canopies at low prices.