How to find fast free home workouts

Being a mother of a set of preschool-aged Irish twins, I scarcely have time for myself.  Making time to go to the gym or take a class never happens.  Quick high intensity works out with simple steps are the only way I can manage to squeeze in a workout.

 My mind is always running and need to have a regular change in routine so I don’t get bored.  I need workouts that vary daily but are simple to follow.  There are several on-line fitness blogs and websites that give daily instruction on these types of workouts.  Two of my personal favorites are FitnessBlender and BodyRock. FitnessBlender is a site run by an InfoBarrel writer, DKRunner.

 Both of these sites give exercises for full at home works outs with instructional videos and best of all they are free.

 FitnessBlender has a handy search tool for finding workouts for your particular focus trouble spot and a difficulty measure for each workout.  BodyRock is a bit harder to search by muscle group but I particularly like their blogging style.  You feel like a true member of their community and the instructional videos are very personal and filmed in their own home.  They have been experimenting with viewer-led workouts too.  No matter who leads the workouts. t is nice to see the instructor battling through their own workout once in a while too.  

 On both of these sites you can get a range of workouts.  I particularly like the short, 15-25 minute, high intensity interval workouts.  Interval workouts have you do short rotations through a series of high intensity exercises with rest periods in between. You will need an interval timer for these types of workouts.  You can choose to buy one or if you have a smart phone, search for an interval timer app.  I found a free app for my droid.  It is nothing fancy, but it does the trick.

 Another great tip is to set a daily challenge in your own home.  For example, get an over the door pull up bar and hang it over your bedroom door.  Every time you go in, challenge yourself to do as many pull ups as possible.  Or make a dip station out of your couch.  Before you sit, do 10 dips.  Another possibility is to do 10 squats each time you walk through the kitchen.  But don't burn yourself out, just pick one thing per day.  It all adds up.

 And hey, isn’t chasing after a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old enough of a workout?