Average retail prices for parkas bearing the Woolrich brand name are fairly mid-range. Most higher-priced parkas have been reduced to barely over a hundred dollars. Lower-priced ones are closer to eighty or ninety dollars, making them far from cheap but still quite affordable for almost any budget. And as always, you'll find many price variations if you look at a diverse number of sellers.

Down is a higher quality kind of insulating material found in some of the better parkas, such as Woolrich's. As a natural feather produced in a number of birds to keep the creatures warm, it serves humanity just as well for the same purpose. The one limitation of the material, its inability to function well when wet, is usually a concern. But in the case of these parkas, you'll find that they're mostly waterproof anyway.

The waterproofing process used in nearly all Woolrich parkas is a cooperative result of many different methods. For example, the seams you see along those parkas? They're not hand-sewn, or even sewn at all in any traditional sense. Instead, they're welded together through ultrasonic wave technology. This creates an ultra-tight seam that can't be duplicated by low-technology means.

There are relatively few bright colors in Woolrich's current parkas. Although the support for cold and neutral colors such as gray and blue is exemplary, orange, red, and similar hot colors are lacking. That doesn't mean they're impossible to find, but they are far more rare. However, it does reinforce the concept of the parka being a practical, low-key piece of outerwear.

Unlike many similar garments, the average Woolrich parka will withstand machine washing very well. This allows you to spend less time worrying about your clothes and more time actually wearing them. But you should still be careful to note the manufacturer guidelines for washer settings, and follow them properly.

Though not every Woolrich arctic parka jacket comes equipped with an inside pocket, several models do. This is a convenient addition for two reasons. Firstly, it protects the interior of the pocket both from outside human interference and general weather and environmental issues. Secondly, it prevents pocket placement from breaking up the aesthetic look of the parka. And it's usually not a factor in pricing, so you may as well enjoy it if you find a parka you like that has it.

There's not a great deal of price variation in terms of sizing for Woolrich parkas. You'll be able to buy the larger sizes for the same price as the smaller. This makes them a fine choice for plus size men and women, and is a good reason to get something that fits just right. Don't avoid getting that perfect fit, either, since a poor-fitting parka will be much less efficient in insulation.

The general principle of buying pre-owned or used items to save on money is something that can be applied even to these parkas. You'll have to spend more effort instead of money, just to make sure you're buying a product still in good condition. But it will let you buy an otherwise expensive parka for very little. It's also possible to apply this to machine parts like Arctic Cat snowmobile parts, or blender parts. In fact, it may be the only way you get purchase many items that aren't being produced anymore.