Finding a Great Dane breeder can sometimes be a long process. While many may think that this is an easy decision it should actually be the hardest decision you make in relation to your dog. There is lots of Great Dane breeders out there most with the same intention, to sell you a dog. Some of the best Great Dane breeders are those that don’t have wild advertisements or brag about their champion dogs. A lot of times the best options are the ones you discover through word of mouth.

Be skeptical of first time, or novice, breeders. These eager first timers are more then willing to tell you what you want to hear to sell off their first litter of pups. This does not, however, mean that all first time breeders are to be ignored it just means that more attention must be paid. More often then not, the best breeders out there have waiting list up to a year in length. While this may not be ideal it usually means that you are getting a quality pup from a healthy and developed line. Experienced breeders will also be willing to answer your questions even after you have your new pup at home and in some cases take that puppy back if health problems arise. Don’t be alarmed if you feel like your breeder is giving you the third degree about your living situation and or intentions with your pup. This is actually the mark of a responsible Great Dane breeder. Often novice breeders wont ask any questions which can often lead to family’s making uninformed and incorrect decisions.

It is best to visit as many Great Dane breeders as you can. If you do the proper research you should find numerous breeders in your area. It is best to visit all these breeders and their litters in person. This is the only real way to ensure that your pup is in good health and being raised with the proper tools it needs to become a healthy, properly adjusted adult.

When you have found the breeder for you there are a few tips to remember when selecting your pup from a litter. Your puppy should be at a healthy weight. This does not mean that your Dane pup should have a ‘pot belly’ as this can often indicate incorrect or overfeeding, worms, or both. They should be lively and eager to meet you. Proper socialization at a young age is critical and should be started by the breeder to ensure that your Great Dane has the proper social skills and self-confidence to mature properly. Pay close attention to the dam (mother) as this can help you to see how your puppy will mature. His or her interaction with both mom and littermates will tell you volumes about their personality.

Always remember to do your homework and take your time. Decisions as large as the Great Dane come with giant responsibilities! Making sure your Dane is off to the right start and is coming from responsible and reputable breeder should be your number one concern, even if it means waiting a year!

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