Searching for a job online

Finding a job online

In recent years the online job search has become has become the tool of choice for the majority of job hunters. The Internet allows you to find a job anywhere in the world at any time you like. But, as with all things, there are pitfalls that can snare the unwary so if you are looking for a job online you might find it useful to take note of the tips that follow.

Research your sites carefully             The first place most job seekers look is job search engines. These are excellent starting points and will contain links that will guide you to sites that suit your particular niche. You should, however, be careful to establish whether or not the site represents a bona fide company. The quality of the site sometimes gives clues. For example, if you are looking for a writing job and the standard of English on the site is below par, then the alarm bells should start ringing. If a particular employer interests you, check around before taking any other action. Also, remember to save your searches and set up email alerts so that you get information on possible jobs as soon as it becomes available.

Post your resume            A good resume always attracts prospective employers. Carefully check that your resume is accurate and free of errors before you post it on a job board. You should also ensure that it has the right keywords to attract hits from employers in the field you want. Be as specific s possible; state the location you would prefer, the job title you are looking for and maybe the salary range you want. This will save you the time of having to deal with unsuitable responses. And adjust your resume from time to time to keep it up-to-date. Remember, too, that prospective employers usually prefer to see a name on the resume so avoid posting anonymously but be careful here as, if your present boss sees the post, you might find yourself out of work!

Join social networks            Social networking sites are easy to join and are usually free. You can use these sites to get useful advice on job searching from experts in the field and other job seekers. They are also useful conduits for finding out which companies are hiring and which are reputable.

Create your own website            A well designed, easy to navigate website is a useful tool for any online job searcher. The site should clearly spell out what you have to offer and should include samples of your work (if appropriate) so that potential recruiters can assess your suitability for any vacancies they may have. Don’t forget to include your contact details. It’s a good idea to do a web search for your own site to make sure that it comes up and so that you can deal with any problems on the site.

Do your research well            If you are targeting a particular company, make sure you find out all you can about it – history, senior personnel, policies, products and services and latest developments. And have some idea about where you would expect to fit in and what you have to offer. Applicants who have done their homework and know what they want always impress recruiters and interviewers.

Pay attention to your covering letter            Your covering letter is the most personal thing about you that a recruiter will see before the interview. It should be perfectly presented and be specific to the particular employer and job for which you are applying.

Watch out for scammers            We all know that there are a lot of scammers out there, so watch out. Beware of recruiters who ask for fees or want personal information like your Social Security Number and be careful of cold contact emails you might receive. And remember, if something seems to good to be true, then it probably is.

These are just a few thoughts that you might find useful as you embark on your online job search. Don’t forget though that there are other ways of finding a job. Newspaper classifieds, for example, might seem a little outdated but they are still a good source of information on job vacancies. The job of your dreams is out there somewhere – good luck finding it!