Motorcyle Accidents Lawyer

Finding a Good Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

If you've had the misfortune of needing to find a good motorcycle accidents lawyer, you want to take your search very seriously to avoid falling prey to con-men and underqualified hacks. Personal injury law is very serious and the pain and disability that follow traumatic motorcycle accidents are only compounded by misrepresentation. There is a trend that is somewhat pronounced in the world of the motorcycle accidents lawyer. In an effort to appear legitimate, knowledgeable and kindred to the motorcycle riding community, many lawyers specializing in motorcycle accidents will spend the time and money to design sleek websites that show them riding their own motorcycles and wearing biker gear. However well intentioned this attempt at community outreach may be, do not delude yourself; it is part stagecraft designed to gain your trust quickly. Following a bad motorcycle accident, you may be in pain and you may be panicking. This is why it's essential to do everything you can to protect yourself against underqualified motorcycle accident representation.

Vetting Your Prospective Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

When you find yourself a lawyer you want to begin working with, you will most likely see testimonial blurbs on their website in which their previous clients laud this motorcycle lawyer's skills and forthrightness. Although attorney client privelige may, in certain cases, preclude your motorcycle accidents lawyer from giving up contact information for their prior clients, you should still be able to speak to those clients that gave testimonials, especially if they signed their real names. A good indicator of a phony motorcycle lawyer that should be avoided is the use of 'generic', 'anonymous', or fake testimonials. These lawyers are relying on their flashy websites to prey on your fear and desperation.

In order to avoid falling victim to one of these phonies, you should ask within your biking community for the name of a trustworthy and experience motorcyle accidents lawyer that someone you know, ride with, and trust can speak for. A true motorcycle accidents lawyer is herself an avid biker, whether or not they have a fancy website to represent themselves with.

Once you have found yourself a few prospects that you think could be able and intelligent representation for you, you should prepare a list of questions to run them through, either over the phone or in person if these motorcycle lawyers offer free consultations. Important preliminary questions will include: how long have you been riding for? What made you want to become a motorcycle accidents lawyer? How many people like me have you represented previously? What about my case in particular makes you confident about our chances for a positive outcome?

It goes without saying that if any of these basic questions trip up your prospective motorcycle accidents lawyer, you have a serious problem on your hands and you'd be better off moving on down the line. If your motorcycle lawyer seems confident and you think that, after your consultation, you could forge a positive working relationship with this person, you may have just found your motorcycle accidents lawyer.