Don't be ashamed if you need to find out how to get a boob job. You are not alone. Here are the basics to help you in your quest.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon for Breast AugmentationCredit: Big Stock PhotoSome women are ashamed to think “how do you get a boob job,” but it is a fact of life in our society today that hundreds of thousands of women have breast augmentation each year. In fact, the numbers have risen by nearly 200 percent since the late 1990s. Because this is a surgical procedure that meshes art and science, it is crucial that you find a plastic surgeon that knows what they are doing and has significant experience in this field.

Ask for Recommendations

If you have friends who have had breast augmentation surgery, they are some of the best resources for finding a plastic surgeon to help you with your own goals. You are not alone in wondering how to get a boob job, so by talking to your friends you are simply discussing an experience many women have. Recommendations help in multiple ways, including helping you find a surgeon and helping you to truly comprehend the surgery process. Those who have had breast augmentation performed are the perfect people to ask about recovery as well if you are concerned about the pain and limitations you may have in the weeks following your time under the knife. If you do not have any friends who have had augmentation done, you can reach out online through various websites and message boards to get feedback on the best surgeons in your area.

Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The fact of the matter is, any doctor can technically open up shop and call himself a plastic surgeon. To find a doctor that is especially well qualified and experienced in plastic surgery procedures only consider those doctors certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). You can find doctors in your local area that are certified through the group’s website search function also learn a bit about the type of surgery you are considering. The best way how to get a boob job is to have the right doctor first, as they are your guide and the ones doing the reconstruction of your body. Without the right medical doctor leading you and doing the work you might end up with a poor result that will need further surgeries to correct. The ABPS website even lists when certifications are revoked, or if doctors have certification in subspecialties as well. To find the right doctor for your personal needs, combine the recommendations from friends and family members with the information you find at the ABPS website to narrow down your initial choice to three or four doctors then consult with them all to find  the right fit for you.

Understand the Risks and Realities

Any surgery has risk involved, yes, but breast augmentation has its own set of challenges. Many women think that breast implants are good for life, but this is not necessarily true. Every case is different and some women find they need to have their implants replaced after 10 years, which is the recommended timeframe according to experts. Some women have no problem with their implants and have them in for a lifetime, however you need to go into surgery knowing that there is no guarantee your case will turn out one way or another. Wondering how to get a boob job is more than just the surgery, it is the recovery and the lifetime of having the implants in your body and issues that may occur years later.