Finding a unique wedding dress on the cheap is not hard if you allow some time.  Wedding costs can sky rocket, and before you know it you have spent a down payment on a house for a one day event. 

It can be hard to control some costs, but your wedding dress doesn’t have to be one of the major contributors.  Here are 5 ways to get a gorgeous and yet unique dress that everyone will wow at your wedding without breaking the bank.

1.  Gently Used Clothing Stores

I was actually surprised while looking in a second hand clothing store for a few items for kids to wear, that at the back of the store was a rack just filled with wedding dresses!  Some were complete with the veil and others were not, but what got me was the price.  Most were less than 75 dollars! I actually found one that was 25 dollars!Used Wedding Dresses at Second Hand StoresCredit:

This is where you just get yourself a bit creative.  At that price it would be worth finding a seamstress to do some alterations for you.  Simply get it professional cleaned and then find a size and style that is as close to something you would like, then buy it and find yourself a seamstress to see if they can add or take away anything that will make this a unique wedding dress to you. 

By altering it, it will now be yours, and not anyone else’s.  One customer in the store commented that she bought a second hand wedding dress and simply had the sleeves removed for her summer wedding and added a new veil and it was gorgeous.

2.  Kijiji and Other Online Classifieds

If you can’t find anything remotely nice in the second hand store, then jump online and head to kijiji or other local online classified ads and see if you can find wedding dresses for sale.  Many people do not keep their dresses, and they end up online at deep discounts.

Find listings with good pictures so you can see whether this is a style you would like.  You can do all kinds of alterations, but it is much easier if you like the basic style of the dress.  Try to vision yourself in it, and by making changes it will become yours.

It is no longer someone else’s dress once you have made changes.  Many people have a hard time wrapping their head around the idea of a second hand dress, but in fact once you add your own touches it becomes your unique wedding dress.

3.  Garage and Estate Sales

You can get some really cool treasures, especially at estate sales.  These sales are typically the contents of a house that family members are trying to empty for a loved one or someone who is simply downsizing and are selling off the contents of their house.unique wedding dressCredit:

I love to go to these, and have many times seen vintage style wedding dresses and gowns on racks that were simply looking for a good home.  Many had antique lace and with a bit of sprucing up would look great on a bride.

If you don’t mind digging around at these sales you can find great deals.  Even jewelry and  other accessories that could add to your something borrowed something blue.

4.  Word of Mouth amongst Friends and Relatives

You may not like the styling of old Aunt Mabel’s wedding dress that she no longer wants hanging around, but with some alterations, additions or removals it could be the perfect vintage and unique wedding dress for you.  This can apply to any relative’s wedding dress. 

Many will have it preserved in a box never to be touched again, but there are just as many friends and relatives who will simply have it in the back of the closet!

5.  Instead of a “Wedding Dress” Store Head to a Dress Store

This is how I got my wedding dress years ago.  I just didn’t feel right in all those fancy wedding dresses, it wasn’t my personality,  but did find a really nice long dress in a regular dress store. Unique Wedding Dresses(115956)Credit:

My mom was really upset until I came up with ideas on how to turn it into my very own unique wedding dress.

I simply added a crinoline or petticoat to flare out the skirt part, New 3 Bone Hoop Skirt Bridal Taffeta Bridal Petticoat Wedding Gown Slip (CH130DS) (I was able to rent one of these) and added a veil and some bling, and it looked the part and the cost was a tenth of the wedding dresses at the time.

Endless Possibilities

If you are looking for ways to keep your costs down, but still want to look great, then instead of heading to the typical wedding dress store why not try a few of these tips above.

If you can find a seamstress willing to work with you, it will still be cheaper than some of the dresses on the market now that are comparable to purchasing a car in price!

More expensive doesn’t always mean it will be the best for you.  Throwing money at a dress doesn’t make it the right one for you.  If you want to save money and yet have an original and unique wedding dress then make it unique to you. 

Think of it as upcycling!

By taking some of these poor older styled dresses from years ago, or second hand dresses and removing sleeves, or lowering the neckline or even simply changing out the style of tiny buttons or altering the hemline, you have made this your own.

Everyone will wow you on your day and wonder where you got your dress, or what designer created this for you.  You can keep this your secret or let the world know that they don’t have to pay thousands for a beautiful wedding dress.Unique Wedding DressesCredit:

This is your day, don’t let others bully you into a dress they think will look best on you with a huge sticker price attached.  I fought with my own mother over a dress.  She wanted the one in the window because she liked it.  But in the end I convinced her that this other dress would work, and it did, and she loved it, and many wondered where I had got it from.  It’s your day, wear what you want!

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