French horn

Shopping for a used french horn for sale online can be risky, but in many cases the savings can make it worth the risk. There are many places online where you can find used french horns for sale, the most obvious of which would be eBay ( However, there are some other sites where you can find french horns for sale at fixed prices rather than auctions, and from companies who specialize in selling used instruments rather than individual sellers.

One great place to find used french horns for sale is the Dillon Music website ( Dillon's is a music store in Woodbridge, NJ. Their inventory can be viewed and ordered online from their website. Dillon's also carries new french horns and a wide variety of other instruments both new and used.

Another great site that offers used french horns for sale is hornsAplenty ( Unlike Dillon music, they exclusively sell used french horns, and they have a very large selection. In addition to the plethora of used french horns for sale, all of the lightly used Hans Hoyer demo horns from their Marknuekirchen operation are sold on hornsAplenty, so they are a great place to shop to find good prices on Hans Hoyer horns that are practically brand new.

Pope Instrument Repair ( offers a good selection of new and used french horns for sale on their website. They are a french horn repair shop, so you can feel confident that all of teh horns they sell are in good playing condition. Pope repair is also a good place to sell used french horns on consignment, as they only charge 10% and sell horns to many top players throughout the country.

One of the top internet forums for horn players is ( They also have a classifieds section where users can post their used french horns for sale. Purchasing a used french horn from a classifieds ad is riskier than the websites listed above because you are dealing with individual sellers rather than companies. You should always be careful when purchasing used french horns from sites like this or eBay.

While you can find some good deals on used french horns for sale on the internet, the best option is always to buy locally. Check your local music stores and thrift stores, as well as classifieds in print publications as well as online on sites like craigslist ( to see if you can find the french horn you're looking for locally. If not, then buying a used french horn for sale online may be a viable option. Most of these sites are trusted sellers of used french horns, but always be careful and do some research when buying from a lesser known seller.