For some people, to even think about exercising or working out would most likely ruin their day!  After this horrifying thought popped into their head, they would most likely need to indulge in some cake or ice-cream just to even out their chemistry.  Other people you only see on Facebook, because they live at the gym, or at home on an incumbent bike, or in the basement on a treadmill; you get the idea.  There are so many different factors that go into getting fit and enjoying a healthy life-style, but only a few that matter most.  In our would today there is lots of jargon and nonsense going around about what it takes to be healthy.  In this article we will boil it down to what really matters when it comes to your health.  Here are some things that helped me, and I think they can help you, too.  

1) Drink Water

Drinking water has everything to do with your healthy body! Our bodies are made of mostly water, sisxty to senventy percent, in fact.  Water in our bodies funtions in many vital ways such as a natural lubricator to our muscles, joints, and bones.  Also, water helps our bodies detox, transport water soluble minerals through our bodies and regulats the temerature of our bodies.  Make sure you drink plenty of water before during and after you engage in any physical activity.  Also, drink lots of water throughout the day, eight cups a day as any sensible doctor would say. 

2) Get up and Move 

Right after you are done reading this article, unglue yourself from the computer go outside and take a walk, go for a bike ride, wrestle with your brother or just do something!  This physical movement is also known as exercise.  Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Edward R. Laskowski, M.D suggest that you get 150 minuets aerobic activity (activity that gets your heart pumping)  each week and strength train at least two times a week according to your personal fitness levels.  Exercise is such an important part of every healthy body.  I believe that exercise is the cure-all to all of the worlds problems, really!  I'm not going to go into the specific benefits of exercise, but do a bit of research on it and you will see just how important exercise really is. 

3) Make Smart Food Choices

Have you ever heard of the saying "you are what you eat"?  Well,  it's not true anymore.  Today if you eat a apple you might not get all the  nutrients that you would have say fifty years ago.  Some of the quality of our food in America has declined.  It is hard to tell where our food is coming from, if it has been handeld properly, if it is in its true state or if it has been genetically modified.  When it comes to food, think local and think organic.  Don't put things into your bodies that are fired.  Stay away from all processed sugars and flour.  Insteed, put these things into your body, fresh, organic, in-season, colorful fruits and vegetables.  Eat lots of nuts, lean meats and fish.  Eat only minimal dairy products... if you must.  Vitimin D is also found in many fruits and vegetables.  Of course, make sure to take your vi-ties.  

Seriously, it's time to get happy and get healthy people!  Put your past behind you, every donut you have ate, and every 500 calorie latte you indulged in day after day, enough is enough, lets through down our ding-dongs and strap on our running shoes.  Lets show the rest of the world that Americans can get in shape and stay in shape!  

Keep it simple and have fun! :)