A surprising number of people are not satisfied with the look of the bathroom in their homes. Given the choice, most people choose to remodel their kitchens first since the kitchen feels like a more practical room to spend money on than the lowly bathroom. The reality is that you will be in the bathroom multiple times everyday and having it feel right to you can make a difference in the quality of life of your home. The good news about bathrooms is that you can go all-out and remodel the whole thing, or choose to make big changes on a very limited budget. The most affordable way to upgrade your bathroom is to focus just on the accessories. Replacing an old rug with a more contemporary one can make a big difference. Taking photos or prints off the wall that you are bored of and adding ones that excite you can change the mood of the room. If you have knickknacks that have been in your bathroom forever, see if you might be happier with different ones, or maybe you would prefer a minimalist look and should completely get rid of them. With this approach, you can greatly change your bathroom's look and feel with a single shopping trip and an hour or so of re-organizing. Repainting your bathroom is a good way to make even more radical changes without doing anything structural. The color of the room will have a significant influence on the mood and overall feeling of the room. If you are looking to make a color change, seek ideas from the bathrooms in your friend's homes, design magazines or even by talking with an expert at a home improvement store or paint store. Painting is something that most people can do themselves with a bit of care or planning. Paying someone else to paint a single room is also quite affordable. An entire remodel of the bathroom is the most drastic and expensive approach, but it's also the most likely way to reach the bathroom that you have always dreamed about. You can change the layout and swap out an older toilet for a new model that you prefer. You can throw out your old sink and choose a beautiful new one from the expansive selection of bathroom sinks and vanities that are available these days. Keep in mind that it will be a longer process because of the permits that may be required for structural and plumbing changes.