If you have always wanted to own a sports car but felt like you could never afford one this article is for you. Even though many sports cars are quite expensive you can actually drive a very nice model without spending a fortune as long as you are willing to be flexible. What type of flexibility are we talking about? Read on to find out.

When I say you will need to be flexible in order to achieve your dream of owning a sports car I mean that you will probably need to be open to buying a used model that might be a little older than you had imagined. The good news is that there are plenty of great sports cars out there for affordable prices so you will have a lot of options to choose from and contrary to what you might think many people are rather impressed by 10 year old cars provided they are the right model and brand.

Not many people will look twice if you drive up in a 10 year old Pontiac Grand Am or a Ford Taurus but if you arrive in a ten year old Corvette or Porsche 911 the general reaction you receive will be quite a bit different. If this bothers you then you probably shouldn’t go any farther in your search for an affordable sports car but if you would like to attract a little pleasant attention with your ride this strategy is for you.

When searching for an affordable sports car it is ideal to focus on models that have been in production for quite some time so that you have a wide variety of choices and plenty of OEM and aftermarket replacement parts that will help keep the cost of ownership low. There are more rare sports car models that are fairly affordable but because of their limited production you might have a harder time getting the parts you will inevitably need when you own a decade old car.

To get the best model possible it is also important to focus on the cream of the crop. You will find a large variation in quality and condition in the used car market so if you have eight to ten thousand dollars to spend on your dream car make sure you get the best model possible at that price.

The Chevrolet Corvette is a good model to focus on since it has been in production for many years and has a very established owners community. If you watch eBay auctions and Craigslist postings you should be able to find a nice ‘90s model Corvette for under ten thousand dollars.

If you need a bit more of a practical ride than a Corvette another model to consider is the Nissan 350Z. While the Z car came out in 2003 and you probably won’t find one for under ten grand if you have a couple thousand more to spend you can get a super nice, practical sports car for around eleven thousand.

The options in the cheap sports car market are pretty wide so these are just a couple ideas. You’ll want to decide if you want an American made car or if a Japanese make is okay and then start digging into the options. German cars from Mercedes and BMW can be good options as well especially if you like roadsters like the BMW Z3.

Once you have found your preferred model you can move on to finding a very nice used specimen. If possible go for a one or two owner car. Finding a one owner model should not be too hard since many sports car owners love their vehicles and you may be able to find someone who is upgrading to the latest model and wants to sell their older, well-cared for car to someone who will appreciate it. Happy shopping!