The world is not that dull!

Be optimistic

 “The way we chose to see the world, creates the world we see”- Barry Neil Kaufman


Everything around us is what affects us in the deepest way. Our surrounding has various things ranging from non-living to living. Each and every object has a meaningful identity in our lives. All these things are what create the world, and the world is what we see.

We live under various circumstances, some good and some bad. We see dark and dull, and bright and happy colours every day. If by seeing black colour your life becomes sad then by seeing yellow it becomes happy too.

The way we choose to see the world, happy or sad is what we start feeling it is.

The only way to bring a positive outlook to things is by interaction. The degree and willingness to interact can change a lot of things. And I say this by personal experience.

When my Grandfather passed away 5 years back I did not believe it. He was old and weak but yet I thought he should have stayed longer. I felt like he is just resting in his room. I got frightened when I looked at his room and it was nearly impossible for me to enter inside. I always found reasons to not go into his room as I thought I will come to see the reality and I would not be able to bear it. But one day I gathered courage and opened the door. I found that he wasn’t there but his belongings were and that the room is not dull, rather it is bright. I learnt that I was wrong. I thought life inside his room might have also died like he did, but it did not. I could see life inside and outside the window. Now that room is my room and I feel just fine in it. This is just one moment and there have been plenty more.

 I started having faith in my judgement and thoughts because after all, those were the two things which would ultimately help me to see the things the way I want to see them.

When you feel that things are not going to change or the place you are at is not where you belong, you just have to bring an optimistic approach. If you bring a little hope and see that the things you thought are not changing are the best they could be, then you might feel a little happy.

The brain is the receptor of the feelings, emotions, experiences and it is the only one who is responsible for the result. So if we can control the way we look at things we can fool our brain into thinking that we have more good days then bad. Everyone goes through old albums and photographs to relish the moments we passed by and to feel happy to make much more moments further. Everyone has weak points and it is not a shame to accept them. The weak points make the strong points. Poor people have no income or limited income and you may have seen many kids who come out of such families to become something extraordinary. If, like us they also thought that they are not going to make it because they have no platform to, they wouldn’t have. They struggled to buy even a single notebook and studied after working all day because they saw something different from the reality. They wanted to step up and step out.


We must always try not to make mistakes, at least those which we can avoid and should not. But even if we make them, we shouldn’t be ashamed. Remember, nobody is perfect.

We all are humans and Alexander Pope said-‘To err is human’. Meaning to make mistakes is itself a proof that you are a human being. If you have learnt to accept this, then we must also learn that making them is no crime. One who forgives those who made a mistake is divine himself. As mentioned in the remaining part of his quote -‘to forgive, divine’. Learning from mistakes and forgiving is also a part of knowing someone better.

When we just look at a baby we feel that he is adorable and the baby wonders who we are. But when we go closer and hold his hand we feel he is not only adorable but someone who can connect with us through his touch. And the baby starts to feel relaxed and smile or laugh. Such gestures of trying to procreate a bond or a connection is enough for building a healthy relation. If we try to take the first step to bring a change doesn’t mean that we are weak or needy. Taking the first step is always a sign of a winner. Until unless we go ahead and try something new we won’t know it’s worth. Yes there might be complications and at times we will feel that we have no way out. At that point of time we just need to have faith in ourselves and our surroundings. All the things around us are just like we are. Sitting in a corner feeling scared to make a move is not going to help. We will have to get up and brush-off the dust.

It is all a matter of how we assume the world is! To bring positivity in our life we have to become positive ourselves, and only then we will feel that the things around us are positive too. To bring joy in our life we have to become joyful and spread joy and only then we will have our feet in the pool of happiness and love.

One has to just step up to scrutinise and analyse things to bring a change and it can only be done by going closer.

“We are not the victims of the world we see, we are the victims of the way we see the world”-Shirley Maclaine

Don’t be a victim rather become an optimistic opportunistic who is a human with a good heart.