If you are currently seeking employment in the roofing industry or are trying to find new business for your existing company then there are various methods you can use. If you are new to industry without previous experience or any qualifications then you may have difficulty finding employment with a roofing firm or getting new business contracts if you are working for yourself. It would be a great help if you had completed some training or qualifications so that you can show prospective employers and customers that you have the necessary skill set to complete roofing projects. You can also try to secure some on the job training with an established roofing firm by approaching them and enquiring about any apprentice programmes that they may be running. These will allow you to work along side an experienced roofer and complete relevant training while being paid a small wage. Upon completion of the apprenticeship you would then begin working for the roofing company as a regular employee. Places on these programmes may however be difficult to secure if you have no previous roofing experience at all. In this case you should approach a college or construction training center and ask them about the qualifications they can provide.

If you are an experienced roofer looking for a roofing job or you already have your own small roofing business then you will obviously have a lot more options. With solid references from previous employers and/or satisfied customers you should not have too much difficulty securing employment with an established roofing company as long as they have the available resources to hire new employees. If you are currently working for yourself then positive references will still be a great way to show new customers that you are capable of completing any roofing work that they require. The key is to build a good reputation for yourself by giving quality service and workmanship so that word of mouth from previous customers helps to generate leads for new roof jobs with no additional effort on your part. Until you reach this level then you can try more direct methods of attracting customers by posting flyers in prominent places and through letterboxes in your local area along with taking out adverts in local media. Newspapers and radio typically give a good return on investment for advertising. You can also have business cards available to give to your current customers who may know others which are in need of roofing repairs or installation. A final approach you can take is to attend local trade shows. A huge range of potential customers will be in attendance so try to distribute either leaflets or business cards to as many people as possible along with making appointments with individuals who show an interest in your services.