You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a wide range of vegetarian dishes. What’s more, if you know a few good vegetarian dishes to make use of, it’s easier than ever to get your five a day.

It’s certainly easier than it once was to be inspired by a wide range of vegetarian cooking. Meat filled curries can be replaced by vegetarian ones, and you can cook all kinds of roasted vegetables with just a little olive oil drizzled over the top – mouth watering!

If you need a little confidence in learning how to cook meat-, poultry- and fish-free dishes, it’s a good idea to go online to find some inspiration. You might also want to alter some of the favourite recipes you use at the moment, to add in some vegetables in place of the meat. For example, instead of cooking a beef stew you could do a vegetable stew instead. Put in all your favourite root vegetables and make some dumplings to go with it. It provides the whole family with a tasty and appetising dinner to enjoy. Or you could try a vegetarian paella, packed with colourful vegetables instead of the fish and meat. A robust stroganoff can be made with mushrooms – it’s completely up to you. Providing you get a nicely balanced flavour, the sky is the limit.

You may also find it easier to divide your recipes up into starters, main courses and desserts. This will enable you to find the right recipe for the right occasion. If you are new to cooking vegetarian dishes, keep a book or folder with all your successes in it. As you gain confidence in cooking this way, you will want to return to recipes that worked well in the past.

Another good tip is to learn which ingredients go well together. If you are cooking a risotto for example, you might choose to add artichokes and peas. Another good idea is asparagus and mint. Keep experimenting until you find vegetarian food combinations that work well together in various situations.

Some people have the wrong idea about vegetarian food. They think it won’t be filling or it won’t taste great. But both of these ideas are wrong. If it’s cooked well and with an appreciation for the ingredients used, there shouldn’t be any problem.

So if you are ready to enjoy some wonderful vegetarian recipes vegetarian recipes, the only thing left to do is to find one or two easy ones to start with. Once you gain confidence, you’d be surprised at what you can achieve.

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