Finding items to sell online with litttle to no expense.

Finding items to sell online can sometimes be a tiresome job. There are a number of duties involved like finding the items, taking the pictures, writing the descriptions, posting and marketing. I am going to show you three ways you can find a variety of things to sell online while saving you lots of time and money.

Take a look at Craigslist's For Sale section, scroll down until you come the the FREE link there you will find all sorts of people offering Free items from baby clothes to lawnmowers. Simply contact the person via email or phone (if provided) for arrangements.  Remember, you will have to contact them right away if you see something you want because these items move really fast.

Make sure you keep checking Craigslist's FREE link peoriodically throughout the day due to more products are being listed by the minute. Also, make sure you take someone with you when going to pick up items from a stranger's home for safety measures.

Another great source are for finding products are the Outlet, Discount or Closeout Stores like Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Ollie's and Premium Outlets. These stores sell products that are out of season, discontinued, or may require new packaging.

However, customers are still looking for these items. This is great for you because you will be one of the few people able to service these customers. Be sure to check out the Clearence items in these store as well for even more savings.

Thrift, Salvation Army and Goodwill Stores usually always have great finds. Most of these type of places have a designated day each week where they will give you 50% or more off your total purchase. Some stores have color tags, suggesting any item with that color tag will be discounted. New items are put out daily so make sure you are visiting these places weekly if you have the time.

Finding items to sell online doesn't have to be hard work or expensive. Researching and knowing all of your options is the key to saving time and money.  Our goal is to make money not lose it. You may want to make a schedule on days you will shop online at places like Craigslist and days you actually head out to the stores. This will help you put a time management system in place to run a more effective and efficient Online business.




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