To find romantic gifts, you have to understand your partner's needs pretty well. Are they romantic, what is their style? You would like to avoid doing things that doesn't fit what they'd like. Romantic gifts, is basically getting something meaningful for them. I think that is the best way to make a great impression, and come across romantic.

Do something original for them. It's not about money, or buying them something really expensive. Think about something that would mean a lot to them. Something that would truly touch them in a deep way, emotionally. Maybe it's something they've always liked, or wanted. Think of the things that this person really likes.

Ask around. You might have to do a little background check. Try to get ideas from friends, or family who are close to this person. They can maybe give you more of a feel on what would work, or wouldn't work with them. Try to figure exactly what moves them, and what doesn't. Maybe they can give some tips on things that they loved as a child. Something that can really surprise them, would work wonders.

Think of the gifts that have impact and meaning. Think of a romantic gift idea, that might make them remember the first time you two met, or has some kind of symbol, or deep meaning of the relationship. Things like that mean a lot, in a romantic relationship. Something like that can really move a person in the right way. Money is not an issue, when it comes to romance. Money is not always thoughtful, anyone can just buy a ring. Your gift needs to have meaning, to make it truly romantic.

Romantic gifts require emotion and ways of expressing yourself to this person. Simple doesn't mean it's not romantic. No one can give you real romantic tips, when it comes to giving emotion. What is romantic to one person, might not be romantic to another. So it comes down to character study, and understanding what brings emotion to this person. Passionate emotion for most people, is a way of expressing how they feel for this person.

Gifts that can symbolize the relationship contribute to these feelings. The thought does count. It's not about the perfect gift, but just a way of trying to give meaning and thought that matters in the gift. The thought is important, because that shows true devotion you have for this person. Gifts are material things that don't require to romance. Symbols of the relationships have a story to tell of the emotion and passion shared in the relationship. So when you think of romantic gifts, try to think of something can symbolize the relationship.