If you suffer from acne then undoubtedly the first thing on your mind is just to find an acne treatment that works. I know that I battled acne all through my teenage life and even struggle with it now as an adult. One of the best acne treatments that I found was a face wash that ended up bleaching my towels. At first it wasn't a big deal, I would just use my one shoddy towel. But then one day washing up right before bed I didn't use the same towel and it ended up getting stained. Even worse, sometimes I wouldn't catch it all and the remaining bit of face wash ended up staining my pillow case and bed sheets. I realized that I can't just keep going on like this so I decided to see what other acne treatments were out there that wouldn't bleach or stain my clothes, towels, or anything.

What I found was that the face wash I was using, and many common over the counter acne face washes have this, contained an ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, that was causing all of the staining. It turns out that benzoyl peroxide is a very effective oxidizer that will kill the bacteria that's on your face contributing to you acne. It's also effective at removing a good portion of oil, the same oil that clogs up your pores and causes the pimples. This is why it's used in a majority of both over the counter and prescription acne treatments. The problem is the same thing that makes it effective at killing bacteria and breaking up face oil is what attacks the dyes in fabrics and distorts their colors. So I needed to find an acne treatment that doesn't have benzoyl peroxide.

What I did find in my research is that there is another chemical that's in acne face washes that works similarly to benzoyl peroxide. This other chemical is called salicylic acid and it is a very weak organic acid that attacks the bacteria and also dissolves some of the oil that's on your face. This oil gets washed away with face wash and this basically accomplishes the same thing. However this chemical doesn't attack the dyes in the clothes and is a lot easier to wash off with water. Another positive point is this face wash leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. The only problem I found with this type of face wash is that it takes a little more work to keep up with my acne. This means waiting a few extra moments (maybe about a minute total) with the face wash applied and I've switched from washing my face twice a day to doing it three times a day, squeezing one in when I get home from work.

Now this may seem like extra work and it is. However, I can tell you that I'm glad I don't have to worry about ruining any more of our nice towels, my wife is happier I stopped ruining our sheets and I still get the same result. The nice thing is that there are a variety of over the counter acne treatments that won't bleach or stain available and that they are the same price or cheaper than the benzoyl peroxide face washes.