Finding the best affordable laptops for back to school this year doesn’t have to be a huge chore or put a big hole in your bank account.

Before you start scouting the classifieds and taking on credit card debt at those big box stores for the latest and greatest in laptops, (in many cases the total cost rises as they don’t always include setup or virus programs) check out these ideas below, you don't have to rely on the retail stores for a good laptop.

Computer Repair Shop – If you have a local computer repair shop that has a good reputation, this is a great place to start.  Many of these repair shops will also sell computer parts as well as refurbished computers and laptops.

I know with our local computer repair shop, he told me that many larger companies will lease laptops to their employees as part of their benefit packages and these laptops will come in off of lease with many of them barely used and of good quality. 

He will then take them and clean them off and update any operating systems, and then resell them in his store at a lower price than you would get in a big box electronic store. 

This is one great way to find good laptops.  Not only will you get a good price but you will get the support of this repair shop as they will offer a warranty and answer any questions you may have about the setup or operating systems and words of advice.   Plus it will already be setup and ready to go with no additional charges and no hidden fees.Best Affordable Laptops

Friends – If you have friends that must have the latest and greatest in electronics and spend a lot of money on them, then chances are they will have a laptop from last year that has hardly been used.  You can offer your friend a fair deal, and then if you are concerned at all with what is on the laptop you can pay a small fee to have it cleaned and checked for spyware and viruses then it is ready to go.

 Sales – If it is at all possible for you to wait until the end of September to purchase your laptop, then this is when the big box electronic stores will start lowering the prices even further on the computers and electronics for the school year.  There is a gap between school and Christmas, so they will want to sell off this year’s model as they will be getting in newer stock for the Christmas season in October.

The above 3 options are something to consider when trying to find the best affordable laptops especially if your school budget is tight. 

If you find a great laptop and it looks a little beaten up, you can always get cool laptop skins to personalize it and make it new again.  There are options out there!

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