We love our dogs, but we also need to find an anti bark method that doesn't leave us wanting to strangle them in the middle of the night because we – or our neighbors – can't get any sleep. Not only do we want our chosen method to be effective in its cause, we also want it to be humane in nature, as not to cause any extreme discomfort.

While some methods of ceasing a dog's bark are questionable in safety, there are many more who are as humane as they are effective. The fact, however, that there are multiple methods of quieting your canine's barking makes it that much more difficult to find an anti bark method that is right for your dog.

To determine the best anti bark method, you need to consider the level at which you would like to train your dog to alert you.

For people who are not interested in being notified at the unwarranted presence of any random passerby, anti dog barking collars are available to teach your dog to simply not bark. Using safe methods, collars are available using a variety of techniques. One of the most popular version of an anti barking collar is that which sprays a chemical that is unpleasant to your canine. While the chemical spray causes an undesired sensation to your dog, there is no presence of harmful toxins that will cause sickness to your beloved furry friend.

As mentioned earlier, anti bark collars are great if you just want to quiet your dog's barking habits all together. There are those, however, that prefer to train their dog to know the difference between times when barking is warranted and when it is not. For these types of dog owners, there is a quieting type device that sends a high pitch, canine attention catching frequency that you can use to quiet your pooch when there is no need for alarm. This is a popular tool in canine training, as it allows the owner to control when their dog barks, and allows the development of proper alert barking from you dog.

There are a variety of devices that use different forms of technology. Some point to consider are: The size of your dog, the frequency with which they bark, and your goals in association with their barking. Another method of getting your dog stop barking at every movement in your neighborhood is obedience training. There are a variety of techniques that you can find online that will help you with the training and development of your canine.

Training requires time and dedication that some people don't have. For people who want to benefit from canine training and do not have the time necessary to dedicate to the cause, there are dog trainers who specialize in teaching your dog proper behavior. You can find a wealth of information online about available dog trainers in your area.

Dogs are always going to react in a way that is natural to them until somebody steps in and teaches them a different way. Your dog is barking mostly out of protection for itself, you, and your property. Teaching a dog when to bark at appropriate times can not only prevent annoyance of your neighbors in the middle of the night, it can create a valid warning signal in the event of an intruder. For more anti bark methods, or to find out how to get a device for your puppy, use the internet to help you discover your best option.