A Few years ago, my wife and I bought our first home. It is a simple ranch, but we love the large yard and the short distance that it is from both of our places of employment. I have always found that a long commute to work just makes work seem so much worse! The one problem that our home has is the lack of garage space. It has what most would consider to be technically a two car garage, but I assure you that two cars will not fit at the same time. Now add in my mower, the yard tools, and the other common garage dwellers and it's tough to walk around in there with just one car. I had resigned to park my car in the driveway, but after last winter, I decided that we needed to do something else. I could not keep cleaning my car off every morning in the winter and I was sick to death of all of the pine needles constantly raining down on my car. I was so sick of the sap and the bird droppings, so I decided to look into building a carport.

On the left side of our garage there was an area that was perfect. The driveway is wider than the garage and with about $80 worth of small stones, I was able to build my base for the carport. I simply evenly distributed the stones and pounded them into the ground with a gas-powered compactor that I rented for a day. In hindsight, I may have needed to purchase more stone, but that can always be added later. Once I had my base, I started to look into the different types of carport kits that are available and their prices. I also started to look up different problems that people have with maintaining their carports because my wife and I might be starting a family some day and will need more room. More room means a bigger house, a bigger house means that we have to sell this one and I did not want to destroy our resale value! After checking out a few sites, I decided to go with a vinyl pre-fab kit.

The kit was very easy to set up. It contained every part and fastener that I needed, and only took my brother, my wife and I a day and a half to construct. We were able to attach the slanted roof to our home and the structure is very stable and looks better than most of the carports that my neighbors have. I have to say that I love not having to clean off my car every morning, but I am still not a fan of the cold car!

I don't mean to sound pretentious, but after checking out all of the other carports that I seen, I believe that ours looks so much better than the old wood and metal structures that litter our neighborhood. Now, by saying this, I'm sure that our carport is going to be doomed to constant insect infestation and other problems because of my bravado. But, I did learn some great maintenance tips from How to Maintain Your Carport!