Finding The Best Ceiling Speakers: The Hunt Begins Within

A careful search of electronic stores will yield five of the top rated products on the market. Or you could just read this article. Whatever your choice, your final pick will not be an outcome on comparison alone. There is also that absolute factor that will pull you towards the one ceiling speaker system that's perfect for you. Advertising experts consider this the motivating stimulus behind the 'impulse buy'; others have called it 'gut feeling' and 'connecting'. Simply put, your decision to buy one brand of speaker over another will be primarily guided by an inner compass. Odd as this description may be for process of choosing a piece of hardware, the feeling is universal, as most electronics enthusiasts will agree.

The Best Ceiling Speakers: The Logic Behind The Choice

Unless you're rooming with Peter Parker, ceiling speakers are a great way to keep things out of the way and avoid all those cable runs and tripping over wires all the time. Besides, the surround effect when ceiling modules are added to existing 5.1s is awesome – it's almost like being invited to the band's jam session. If the quality and power rating are good enough, they're all you'll need to rock the room and rumble the roof. Of the available brands in the market, 5 brands stand out as being the best ceiling speakers today.

Best Ceiling Speakers For The Cost-Conscious: The Affordable Top 5

Polk Audio's RC80i is a great speaker if you aren't too particular about booming bass and tip-top treble, and the best part – the price tag. Retailing on Amazon at under $120, this white-grill 100-Watt pair is good enough to enjoy your music on. AudioSource has a slightly better pair, also white, for $169, with a larger frequency range – probably the best in class in this price band. Boston Acoustics' DSi255 is also a great budget-brand, but you'll need to invest in a sub-woofer to make this work for you. Easy installation is probably the only thing this model has going for it. Klipsch has a surprisingly cheap model of ceiling speaker for $129.88. If you want the right balance between sound quality and price, then this is your pick. Pumping out up to 200 Watts, the KHC 6 maintains the Klipsch reputation for quality sound. Saving the best for last; the Definitive Audio UIWBP/A has tremendous range and amazing power. At 250 Watts peak per speaker and a price tag of $299 on Amazon, this top of the pile best ceiling speaker is for the more discerning ear.

Best Ceiling Speakers: Expensive Overheads

Of course the best ceiling speakers don't always come at the best prices, so this is more of an affordable selection than a connoisseur's choice. If you had an Aunt that left you a bundle or already have money to burn, then use it as fuel to light up your audio space with the Boston Audio PC843LCR. As a set of 6 speakers, these are the some of the best ceiling speakers on the market today, and at a scorching price of nearly $1600 for the set, one of the most expensive. Then there's the JBL Professional Control 226CT, which retails at a shade under $600. One of the best ceiling speakers out there, this 150-Watt powerhouse covers 120 degrees, which means fewer speakers cover a larger area.

Best Ceiling Speakers: The Final Choice

A comparison of the best ceiling speakers usually involves a lot of listening to sound – from the speakers as well as the opinions of people. The same ceiling speakers may get rave reviews from one and rage reviews from another. By the same logic, the same person might have different opinions on two different models from the same manufacturer. Your choice being a combination of technical specifications, cost, impression and advice from professionals as well as lay people, the best judges are your own ears. Use your own opinions to choose wisely, because no matter what choice you make, it's you who will have to live with it hovering over your head – literally.