There are two schools of thought concerning large bathroom mirrors. One feels that large mirrors are perfect for showing off every little curve and nuance of a great body, while the other cringes at the sight of those extra pounds of exposed naked flab when they catch a hurried glimpse of themselves stepping out of the shower.


That's human nature though, but by and large, most of us like to see a big generous sized mirror in a bathroom. It can sometimes scare you first thing in the morning if you are caught unawares. The sight of a groggy "stranger" peering back at you with glazed half-asleep eyes can be a shock, but large bathroom mirrors have many excellent qualities too.


Of course, the larger a bathroom mirror is, the more it will likely cost you to buy. However, the good news is that there are plenty of excellent discount wall mirrors available that will easily fit into your bathroom design and decor. Many of the best ones can be found online too, making your shopping experience a quick and easy one.


You can gain considerable extra space with a really big mirror in your bathroom, or at least, it will appear that way. If your bathroom is normally a bit on the cramped side, the addition of a large mirror will instantly make the room seem much more spacious. It will appear brighter too as the available light is reflected back around the room.


A good discount wall mirror in your bathroom can be used to great effect with added artificial lighting to produce an unusual and interesting atmosphere. A relaxing late evening bath can take on the magnificence and splendor of ancient Roman baths, helping to heighten the stress-relieving effects. Throw in some scented candles, or some burning incense, and your ordinary bathroom becomes an exotic paradise.


We are used with seeing large bathroom mirrors that are rectangular in shape, but it doesn't always have to be like that. You can get stylish discount wall mirrors that are round, oval, or in a special custom shape of your own. Once you have decided on the basic shape of the mirror, you can then turn your attention to the frame, for here you can really let your imagination run riot.


Mirror frames can be wide or thin, classic or modern, ornate or simple, or indeed, whatever you want. They can be brightly colored or have a gentle pastel shade, multi-colored, high gloss or matte, or even no frame at all. When choosing large bathroom mirrors, don't forget that you also have many options for the frame of the mirror.