It Doesn't Have to Be a Chore!

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Some days you love your sister, some days you hate your sister, but when push comes to shove, you want to get the very best present for your sister that you can. Whether she's into books, music, movies, or video games, let's take a look at some things that your sister might be interested in this year.


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When it comes to books, getting the best present for your sister should be rather easy because no matter what her age, vampires are smoking hot right now. If she just isn't into the sparkly vampires of the Twilight series, you might consider The Vampire Series by Rosemary Laurey, which many have called the best paranormal romance books they have ever read. If she likes a little more action with her vampires, The Brotherhood of Blood series might just be your ticket to the perfect present.

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Music is one of those gifts that never go out of style, so with a little knowledge of what your sister likes, this could very well be the best present for your sister this year. Now anyone can give out an album from one of today's top artists or a gift card to iTunes, but true gift giving prowess comes from gifting an album from an artist she has never heard, but once she does, feels like she can never live without again. At the top of this list are the artists Com Truise, Gang Gang Dance, the Smith Westerns, Toro Y Moi, and Idiot Glee. Fair warning, however: if your sister hates dance music, don't buy that and expect to get joyful smiles!


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When in doubt, movies are always a solid go-to gift. To get the best present for your sister in this category, one simply has to look at all the blockbuster titles that have come out. From the final Harry Potter movie to the Hangover sequel to a newly restored Blu-Ray edition of The Lion King, there are great flicks out right now at great prices - many under $20!

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And if you happen to have that rare sister that is a gamer, then in order for you to get the best present for your sister ever, you have to get the best video game made in 2011, and that is Skyrim. Filled with non-linear gameplay, quests to fulfill, and cities to explore and assist with growth, this game is the must have game of the year. The value in character development alone is treasured by gamers around the globe. Sure it's $60, but you love your sister, right?


So there you have it - great ways to pick up the best present for your sister this year. Look at it this way - giving a great gift means you win either way… either she leaves you alone to enjoy what you gave her or you reinforce that great bond the two of you have. Happy gift hunting!