Tips and Reviews to Choose the Right Air Cleaning System to Remove Unwanted Odors

Portable room air purification systems are commonly purchased as a method to improve a home or apartment’s indoor air quality. But the best systems sold online and by retailers today do more than remove pollutants from your living space. Many of them also contain a feature that helps control and remove unwanted smells from the air, which can help you breathe even easier. Pet smells and smoke odors associated with cigarettes and tobacco products are the most difficult to contain, and there are a wide variety of systems geared to this consumer need. When it comes to pets, their beds, dander and litter boxes are the primary sources of odor. In regards to smoke, airborne particles are easily absorbed into fabrics and are never completely eliminated in most cases. However, the addition of the right air purifier can bring all of these problems under control.

Types of Room Air Cleaners

Portable air purifiers are available in two basic styles, HEPA filtration systems and filterless units (also called electrostatic or ionic.) HEPA units are the most popular and most readily available and are sold with two basic filter types, replaceable and permanent. This design is preferred by consumers because it is 99.97% effective at removing airborne pollutants. When a properly sized unit is selected for an individual room, this type of air purification unit can have a significant impact on improving respiratory problems associated with allergies and asthma. Filterless systems are also able to reduce pollutant levels, but depending on the model and brand are only up to 80% effective. Also, they are unable to control any type of pet or smoke odors found in the home.

This may leave you wondering if HEPA filters are effective at removing odors. On their own, they are not, but their increased efficiency may cause you to notice them less. This is because many pet smells are not caused by your pet, but the dander they carry (and lovingly distribute through your home.) Also the removal of smoke particles from the air can help you breathe easier, but will not prevent the odors from settling into your clothes, carpet, furniture and other fabric items.

What Features Remove Unwanted Smoke and Pet Odors?

The key element for effective odor removal is found in only one feature, the pre-filter. While this option can not be found in filterless brands, there are hybrid electrostatic air purifiers available. In HEPA based designs, the pre-filter is wrapped around or located in front of the primary filter. But what makes this component so unique? They contain carbon (or activated charcoal), or potentially a carbon and zeolite mix. These materials are able to readily absorb smaller, odor causing particles from the air – and eventually eliminate them from the air.

Reviews: Finding the Best Air Purifiers to Control Odors

Before choosing a room air cleaner, you must determine the size of the living space it is going to be placed in. A portable system that is too small for the area will never be 100% effective or efficient at controlling indoor air pollution or odors. This will cause the unit to work too hard to maintain the space it is placed in, and can even shorten its lifespan. Another consideration that should be taken into account is cost, which can vary among brands and model types. But with all the models that are available, how do you know which air purifier is right for you? Let’s check out these two brands that stand out from the competition.

The Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter is my personal favorite for two reasons. First, it is manufactured by Honeywell, which specializes in the creation of top quality air purification systems for the home. The other aspect most consumers (including myself) find appealing is the permanent HEPA filter. This minor modification to the traditional HEPA design means the filters do not need replacement every 12 to 18 months like other models. Instead they can be rinsed clean with water, and need replacement every 5 years.

What other bonuses could it possibly offer? Compared to some models on the retail market today, this one is incredibly small and powerful (able to maintain a room of up to 85 square feet.) Ideally proportioned to easily fit on a table or dresser, it will never become an outstanding eyesore in the room. Also, it maximizes its ability to clean the air and remove odors with a 3 filter system – leaving the air you breathe 99% cleaner.

Do you prefer a product that can stand alone on the floor? The Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower HEPAQuiet Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter is the ideal product to fit this need. Constructed similar to a tower fan, this air cleaner is compact and able to suit homes and apartments with limited space. Compared to the former model, it is more expensive but is worth the additional cost depending on your needs. Able to accommodate rooms up to 186 square feet, it includes a permanent HEPA filter with a 2 level filtration system. Also, it is 99.97% efficient – meaning it can catch smaller particles cause odor, including smoke.

By adding an air purifier to your home or apartment, you can easily bring the level of air pollution under control. The result will be a reduction in allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. And the best systems can help control odor too – so why not breathe a bit easier, and consider adding one to your living space today?