Shoveling snow every now and then can be good exercise for a young, fit body. But for people who live with heavy snowfall, people with busy lives, or people who are not blessed with young, strong physiques, having a little mechanical help clearing snow can be not only useful, but necessary. There are many different styles and prices for snow-throwers. Here are some tips to help you decide which is the best snow-blower for your needs and budget.

If your needs are not demanding, you can clear light snow jobs with a less expensive electric model like the the highly rated Toto Power Shovel for only about $100.

Electric snow-blowers are quieter and lighter than gas-powered snow-removers but the won't handle large driveways or deep snow.

Another electrical snow-blower costs closer to $150 but gets high reviews. This one is the Yard Machine's Snow Fox 12.5 inch, 8.5 Electric Snow Thrower.

Online customer reviews seem to really like the Toto 1800 18-Inch, 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower. It is available at for around $325.

Gas-powered snow-throwers come in single-stage and dual-stage or two stage blowers that chop up the snow with a four-stroke engine rather than the lighter two-stroke engine.

In general, a single-stage snow blower will be sufficient for most residential needs and you can expect to pay between $300 – 800 for a reasonably good product. For heavy jobs, large areas or non-paved surfaces a two-stage snow blower could cost you up to $2000.

The price you pay and the model you choose will be guided by the width of the path you want cleared, engine power and special features like hand warmer grips or halogen headlights. Shop around to see the all the different features, prices and styles at your local home store or check out a local yard or small motor shop to physically inspect the available models. For at-home shopping, surf the Internet at sites like The Bestselling Snow Blowers on or customer and consumer reviewing sites. Also try,, Snow,, and for more information.

Two single-stage snow blowers that garnered good reviews are the Toro Power Clear 210R 38587 selling for around $500 and the Ariens 522 at an estimated $530.

Some highly rated two-stage blowers are the Craftsman 88957 at roughly $600, the Power Max with a cost of around $1100, but with a wide 26" clearing width and a choice of six speeds, and the Troy-Built Storm 3090XP 31AH55Q5711 also at $1100. One of the most popular models in the dual-stage snow-blower category is the Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-inch thrower costing an estimated $700.

There are more good models to choose from with electrical, single and dual-stage gas snow-blowers. Do your research and choose the machine that will best suit your needs. Then take the time to shop around in stores and online to find a reliable seller with the best price for the models that you've selected.