Discovering the best and cheapest places to buy area rugs in Canada gives you a chance to revolutionize the look of any room in your house. An area rug has many advantages over wall to wall carpet. It’s less expensive, easier to clean and convenient to remove in favor of another style.

How Area Rugs Improve a Room

These floor coverings come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. As a result, they can be placed in any room, no matter how small. Place a 7x9 rug in front of the living room fireplace to add depth and dimension. An extra floor covering in an office can make the space look more relaxed and inviting. Place a 3x5 area rug at an entry door to provide an eye-catching accent. These pieces are so versatile that they can transform the look of any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Many Options from Which to Choose

Area rugs may be round or square, rectangular or oval. Some custom designs feature unexpected shapes and patterns that provide a truly modern look. Pairing a shaggy floor covering with sleek leather furniture adds a fun element to the room. Some rugs can even be used outdoors to liven up a patio eating area. A wide variety of styles and sizes make it easy to match the rug to your room’s décor.

Make a Room Pop with Color

A rug can become a focal point in any room, particularly if you select the color carefully. Choose a black and white style to go with an ultra modern room that’s decked out in silver and gray accessories. A rug that uses soft blue and grey tones can perfectly complement a decor style that uses natural wood furniture. Persian is the style of choice for decorators who love a traditional method of interior design. However, people with a really avant-garde sense of style may opt for an animal print to bring a wild element into an otherwise staid room.

Where to Find Inexpensive Rugs

Whether you are looking for a 9x12 rug or one that is much smaller, you’ll have ample opportunities to find a great discount both online and in stores. Retailers frequently run promotional sales, so if you find an item that’s just a bit outside of your financial reach, keep an eye out for a sale that can give you a serious discount.

Where Canadian Consumers Can Get Deals

People living in diverse cities like Vancouver and Toronto have plenty of stores from which to choose. These urban centers guarantee a large selection and competitive pricing. However, even shoppers who live in a remote corner of Ontario will be able to find sale prices on rugs by browsing on the Internet. With so many online retailers offering free shipping deals, it makes good economic sense to buy online.


The Sears website carries an impressive array of colors and styles. This longtime retailer has made a name for itself by offering quality products at competitive prices. The website makes it easy for shoppers to narrow their choices by size, color, price, shape and other criteria. Some rugs feature intricate embroidery and classic style while others are on the cutting edge of contemporary design. Bright, bold patterns and subtle floral prints make it possible for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The website provides a price match guarantee. In addition, several shipping methods are available including shipping direct to the customer or to the store. A customer support phone line makes it easy to have any questions answered.


This recognizable Scandinavian retailer has locations around the world. Ordering from their catalog simply multiplies the number of product choices that are available. The selection at the website is vast, and the prices are definitely competitive. However, it’s important to realize that this retailer does not sell most of its rugs online. Instead, shoppers may browse online, but must purchase items in the store. Ikea sells runners, doormats and everything in between, making it possible to find the perfect size for your space. They even sell unusually shaped faux cowhide and sheepskin floor coverings for an extra dose of personality. Ikea features a generous return policy and friendly customer service to help make your experience a positive one.


A discount retailer with thousands of locations and a thorough website, Walmart excels at providing inexpensive products of all descriptions. At the website, you may be able to qualify for free shipping on your order. However, many of this retailer’s offerings may be found in their stores. This may mean that you can have your items on the same day that you make a purchase if the store has it in stock. Alternatively, Walmart gives customers the option of having items shipped to their home or to the store. A relatively hassle free return process also makes this retailer a good choice.

Pottery Barn

This upscale retailer of home goods is the perfect place to find both useful and luxury items. The Pottery Barn website does ship some goods to Canada, but browsers will need to carefully review the fine print before making a purchase. The easiest way to order bulky items may be through the shopper’s local retail location. Pottery Barn is recognized for its dedication to customer service, meaning that there is little risk in doing business with this company. Products of incomparable quality are always found here, so a purchase at Pottery Barn is more like an investment.

Home Depot

A home improvement warehouse store, Home Depot boasts hundreds of locations across Canada plus a full service website. Their selection of rugs may not be as broad as that offered by other retailers, but the accessibility of customer service representatives makes Home Depot a reliable choice. Despite being a warehouse retailer, this store provides some surprisingly stylish design choices. You’ll find diverse rugs suitable for every room in your home and at your office.

Comparison Shopping

With so many colors and styles to choose from, deciding which area rug to buy can be a major task. Fortunately, it is also a fun one since these style accessories add so much spark and creativity to any room. By comparing the products and pricing at several of the retailers mentioned above, it’s possible for any consumer to get a great deal on a floor covering that will last for years of daily use while still looking as good as new.