Thanks to the rising cost of home energy bills many households are looking for ways to save a few pounds each month. There are several ways to do this such as monitoring utility usage by checking the meter readings on a regular basis, putting aluminium foil behind radiators to help conduct the heat better and turning off radiators in little used rooms. However, there is a really simple way to save money just by using your utilities.

What are Dual Fuel Deals?

If you choose the same supplier for both your domestic gas and electricity supply they usually offer savings to your bills. Most of the energy suppliers in the UK offer special dual fuel tariffs that can save households a lot of money over the course of the year. You can also make a small saving each time you pay your bills by choosing online payments or direct debit. However, before opting for any particular company do some research and shop around for the best deal for you.

There are several enticing deals to be found at the moment as companies are competing for your business. But not all of the great deals will suit all households. It is also wise to beware of any tie in periods, such as signing up for a 12 month or 24 month contract, as some companies will ask you to do this is exchange for discounted rates. The problem with that is, if you are offered a better deal elsewhere that is more suited to your needs you will not able to transfer your account over to anyone else until after your contract period.

12 month contracts are most common and these are often fulfilled without a hitch; it is the two year tie in that you need to avoid. Before your contract period is up, start comparing other companies against the one you currently use, so that if there is a better deal out there you can arrange for an account transfer as soon as your contracted period runs out. Being prepared can help save money.

Price Comparison Sites

To find the cheapest duel fuel deal you can use the internet and you need a calculator. The internet is a great tool for research. There are many price comparison websites that can be used to save trawling through each company website checking on their tariffs.

When you think you have found a good deal you can then go to that particular company’s own site and double check that the offers and tariffs are still current. Work out what your annual bill would be by entering your gas and electricity figures for the past year to get your personal probable bill with that company for the next year.

Repeat the procedure with a second and third company’s offers because one company will be cheaper for gas and another company for electricity, while a third company will have lower daily charges.

Door to Door Salespeople

Another way to find a good deal is to answer the door. All too often now cold callers don’t just keep to using the telephone; they will go door to door to try to convince you to sign up to their company. They will explain in detail how easy it is to change over to them and even tell you how much you can save on your bill. You do not have to invite them into your home but you can get all the information you need literally right on your doorstep. Whether you choose to sign up there and then is up to you, there is always a cooling off period in case you change your mind.    

Price is Not Everything

Remember that a good deal on dual fuel bills is not necessarily the lowest pricing. If you are happy with your company, always get great customer service and repairs and maintenance are carried out hassle free, sometimes it is good to stay with what you know, even if it costs a bit more.