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Mother's Day in Style

Every year Mother’s Day comes around, and sometimes finding your mother the perfect gift can be difficult. Something different to last year, something she will like, or even finding her a gift at all. Some people are rather hard to buy for.

One thing I have learnt over time especially since becoming a mother myself, the best gifts are often free or something you can’t buy from a shelf. I have received and given many homemade or crafted gifts that a bought present couldn’t compare to. Of course I’m not saying don’t “Buy” her something, just to consider all your options when trying to find her the perfect gift. Try thinking outside the box, what you want might be in the store next door, or might be in the crafts cupboard, but I’m sure whatever you choose she will love. For a more personal gift you could try some of these.

Make It Special

Taker her on a Picnic – Bring a blanket to sit on, her favourite foods and enjoy your time together relaxing outdoors. Sometimes it’s nice to just hang out together.

Organise an Entire day for her - Pick her up, drop her off and have plenty of her favourite things organised for in between. Just make sure you pre-set a date so she doesn’t have any other plans that day.

Create a Bunch of Flowers - You can do this at the florist telling them exactly which flowers you want, or as you are walking past the park, pick her your own bunch of flowers. You can use leaves such as ferns and pull their leaves off for the string. I have personally done this and the bouquet was amazing!

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Treat her to a Foot or Body Massage - You can buy gift vouchers or take her to a day spa and even spend the time doing it together. Very relaxing and you leave feeling like a million dollars.

Take her Shopping - With the expressed point that she has to pick something she likes and you are buying it for her. If she is uncomfortable with this, then buy her a gift voucher for her favourite dress or shoe shop. Everyone buys clothes and shoes.

Organise Family Photo’s - You can either choose to have your mother in them as well, or keep them a surprise, have them printed and framed and given to her on mother’s day. A lot of families don’t get together like this often so if this is the case, she will love it.

Take her to the Movies – Let her decide which movie you are going to see, or if you think she would prefer to go with a friend you could purchase her two tickets so she can go when she likes with whom she likes.

Buy her a New Camera – Does she rarely take photos, or is always taking photo’s but needs something a little easier and with better images? Maybe she has a really old camera that could do with an upgrade. Presents like these I like to class as spoilers. We often want an upgrade or something new but don’t want to spend the extra money on them. When someone buys you these types of gifts they are great.

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Shout her to Dinner – Ask her to come to dinner with you, organising in advance a booked table at her favourite restaurant. You can sit and relax and enjoy the time together, which is what a lot of mothers ask for, simply time with their family.

Shout her to a New Do – Does your mother like to go to the hairdressers, or is in need of a fresh new look? Women love going to the hairdressers as you can sit there, relax and be pampered. I could quite often fall asleep whilst getting my hair done it is just lovely.

Buy her the Box Set of her Favourite Television Show – Is there a show she is totally into, never misses an episode, or maybe quite the opposite. Loves the show but hasn’t seen the first season? Buying her this is like saying, “Here, sit down and relax, have some “You” time with your favourite show”.

Make her a Cd – There are always some songs that we remember and love, ones that mean something to us more than others. Our wedding song, our first dance, a special party or occasion. You could do some research and find out what songs mean something to her and make her a cd collection. She can then listen to them as she drives around, cleans the house or is simply having a wine and getting her groove on.

Buy her the latest Book from her Favourite Author - A lot of people enjoy reading, and this shows you have put thought into what she spends her time doing, and also saves her having to buy it herself.

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Take notice of what your Mother Collects – Often we collect something we like, ceramic cows, anything pink, paintings, candles, books, or for me it’s those Chinese painted umbrellas. Figure out what she collects and go searching for something extravagant to add to her collection. If she already collects it, then you know she will love it.

No matter what you choose to buy, make or do for your mother on mother’s day she will love it. A mother is often simply happy with the fact that you love her and are willing to go to any effort to make her happy. When trying to find something different there are two things you need to remember; it is the thought that counts, and sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most to us. Often you will find she simply wants your time and love.