Once you have a hot dot cart and are in the hot dog business, you need to find customers. Not just the once in a while people, but those folks who will be customers 3, 4, or 5 days a week. This means you need to have your hot dog cart in a great location where you can attract customers. Here's how to find your perfect location!

Things You Will Need

Hot Dog Cart

Hot Dog Business

Step 1

Start by scouting out possible locations where people are in groups, but there aren't food establishments. This would include those areas that are mostly building complexes and out of the way locations. You are looking for an area that is four to six blocks without any restaurants around (convenience stores are fine as they aren't competition.)

Step 2

Look for locations that have groups of people waiting. For example the DMV or Home Depot are great possibilities. Any location that has people waiting around means there is a potential of hot dog lunch customers.

Step 3

Hot dog vending also is great at festivals and carnivals in the community. This takes a little more planning than just showing up at a location, but it is an opportunity to have high traffic that will purchase hot dogs.

Step 4

Check out the local parks, beaches and other popular gathering points that are usually recreational facilities. These locations are great to pull up your hot dog cart and start vending as soon as you have the hot dogs warm. Hot dog vending is a find science on how you can find reoccuring customers that love your hot dogs. This means you need to keep looking for the perfect location in your community.

Tips & Warnings