The search for the best spot for nature photos is much like looking for a four-leaf clover. The spots are out there, but you will have to keep your eyes open, know what you’re looking for, and keep going. There are many great locations to choose from but you have to be committed. Here are a few suggestions for you to keep in mind.

Understanding what you’re looking for is the first thing you need to determine. Are you looking to shoot wild animals, mountain ranges, bodies of water, foliage, or horizons? When you internalize your personal objectives you can do a quick search of maps and locate possible geographic sites.

When you arrive at your chosen site you will need to walk around and look carefully at the area. If you get in a hurry you may walk by an opportunity. You must take your time and look at every inch.

You are looking for the best shot and these just don’t happen all the time. If they were there all the time they would’t be special. That’s why four-leaf clovers are so great. Few people ever find them, but if you look hard enough they are there.

It is important to keep track of where you are so you can return. You may not get the shot you want the first time you go into an area; however, you may see real potential and what to return. You can use the GPS on your smart phone to write down the exact coordinates. Most photographers keep notes and using your smart phone for this will let technology give you a helping hand.

When you reach a potential gold mine you need to stop and wait for a while. As the sun and clouds move the shadows change. The perfect shot could be 20 minutes away, or 8 hours. You need to learn when you should wait and when you should move on and come back later. This takes experience to learn, but you will never learn this skill from a book. You must go out there with wide open eyes.

The more you get out and look at potential subjects the more familiar you will get with them. You will be able to look at a subject for a few minutes and decide if the opportunity is going to develop or will you need to come back at sunset. Sunset and sunrise are good, and a good stormy day may be what you need for this particular subject. Don’t be afraid of getting wet or cold.