A bathroom theme is really a way to put your own personal stamp on a room that pretty much everyone already has in their own home. This could be for a kids' space, guest bathroom or just your own unique getaway. Use this as an opportunity to save money while still getting a very cohesive look and design style. There are a lot of different themes and directions that you can go with to really create a space that you can love with a budget you can live with.

Go retro. Your bathroom might already be retro, but not in a good way. It could just have a lot of dated elements to it that you just want to get rid of entirely but can't really afford to replace. You could find a fun graphic floral print shower curtain in gray, aqua and red. This is a very unique color palette. Lime green and oranges can also work for this kind of room. This is a way to bring in a floral element into a space that is still masculine enough for the rest of the family to use. It's a way to strike a decorating compromise if you only have one bathroom in your home.

Give your own take to a classic design style. The reason they are classics are because they work. However this kind of traditional theme can seem a little bit boring or stuffy. White shower curtains are common. However, you could get a designer style by going with one with a lot of ruffles on it. This is totally different then the basic country curtain that may have been in your grandmother's house. It just has rows and rows of deliberate ruffles for more of a casual and elegant feeling. This puts your own personal stamp on an all white color palette and adds interest to your room.

Go for the look of an old fashioned powder room. This will be different from your grandmother's house just because it will use an entirely new color palette. These intricate lines, rich wood tones, and gold decor can really give an air of elegance opulence as well as pay homage to by gone decades. The gold should be of an antiqued variety and you can just bring in ornate towel holders or storage racks. You'll want to paint your room and get new curtains just so that everything seems intentional instead of just old. If you live in a modern or contemporary home you'll already get a more contemporary approach to the theme just by the sheer size and light that is often found in these kinds of spaces.

You can really personalize your theme. This can be as simple as using your monogram on your towels. This can also add a little bit more sophistication to a kid's bathroom. Plus it will help stop any fights about what items belong to which person because they will have their name or initials on it. This is a very subtle touch that gives a custom look into your space.

Choose a pattern and stick to it. This is a more subtle way to decorate your bathroom and it can be quite lasting as such. You could incorporate checkerboard, damask, leaf prints or stripes. This could be as simple as just adding a ribbon detail to your towels and shower curtain for a linear touch. More daring things may incorporate cheetah or zebra animal prints to really show off your wild side. For a kids bathroom you could use the same pattern but in different colors. If you find polka dot washcloths that you really love just mix it up a little bit. Instead of buying all of the same color buy one of each color that the pattern is available in. This will give you a different look then everyone else who is buying the same products and also allows you to incorporate a unique color palette into your space.

The key to a high end look is really to keep things very subtle. This can be very difficult when you are decorating a theme room. Instead, think about your favorite hair salon, spa, or high end hotel retreat. In this case these rooms often use themes. This is what really separates them from all the other businesses around. However, in these types of spaces they usually are very subtle and very sophisticated. This can really be a great template and jumping off point for the rest of your room.

Make changes with big impact. You don't have to have lots of little items as part of your theme just as long as it works within your overall budget and color palette. For instance if you are doing kind of an Asian theme bathroom you could have a lot of fun with the same type of vibe. The main features of each design style should be used to really get the idea crossed. Go for lanterns that will add a very graceful and airy feeling into your room. Of course it's going to be different than the basic paper lanterns just because they will need to hold up to water and steam but just go with the very circular and kind of organic shades that can really add a lot into your room.

Some of the materials that you already have in your room can be part of the theme. Really focus in on what you already love about your space. It might just be something as simple as an accent tile. If there is a leaf detail on it then carry that throughout your space. You can also find towels, wall sculptures and bathmats that all look a little bit like tiles with defined patterns and sculpted details. This can end up looking very deliberate and elegant for high style while still allowing you to get a cohesive theme in your space. When you do decorate with just one motif you'll want to do it subtly; otherwise it will end up looking cheesy which can also translate into cheap.