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When beginning a job search, it’s first important to decide what career you’d like to go into. A career can last for your entire life and be something you love. However, if you get into the wrong career path, you may find yourself extremely unhappy and starting over multiple times. There are several factors that are important when making a decision about what career you’ll be able to love and work in for a lifetime.

When first thinking about a career choice, try to think about the things you genuinely enjoy doing. Write down the activities that naturally make you happy and try to remember all of your past dream jobs. This brainstorming activity can sometimes come up with silly ideas, but it’ll also give you an idea of the career path you would be happy with. It gives you an idea of where to start when matching up your interests with possible careers.

The second step in a career search is to find jobs that match what your interests are. You can use the list of activities you enjoy and come up with jobs they match up with. For example, people who love organization and are good with mathematics would enjoy accounting jobs. Those people who love interacting with others may excel in sales jobs or marketing jobs.

Along with matching your interests, you must also decide if a job fits your skill level. While you may enjoy writing, you can’t perform a writing job without also having the skills of grammar and rhetoric. You can work to improve your skill level in important areas through community college classes, job development programs, internships, or degree programs. Someone who is highly interested in administration jobs could take classes in business and management in order to improve his or her leadership and communication skills. Improving these skills makes the person more marketable to future employers.

They’ll also be able to fully enjoy the career when they understand the most efficient ways to do their job. Education and skill improvement will also help prevent many mistakes people make at the beginning of their careers. By helping people avoid those mistakes, education helps speed up a person’s transition into higher positions.

After you discover a career that matches your interests, it’s important to research the career and speak to people who already work in that field. Average salaries, position descriptions, and availability are important factors in deciding if a career is right for you. Some people may not be comfortable with the risk involved in jobs that are not stable, or they may find the salary too low to maintain their lifestyle.

Speaking with people who already hold these jobs will give you a better idea of what the career is truly like. This helps you get an idea of what the daily work will be like and if you’ll enjoy it. Personal descriptions can be much more helpful than generic online statements, when deciding if you’ll truly enjoy the career. All of these factors are extremely important to consider when making a choice that will last for a long time.

It's also very important to slowly transition into the career. Volunteer or work part-time in the field before you commit to a full time job. This gives you a chance to make sure you’re on the right path and won’t have to change careers later in life, which can be very difficult.