College dorms, apartments, and quads are small, cramped, and typically filled with big, blocky college furniture.  While it’s nice that 99.9% of colleges provide desks, chairs, and beds for their students, the furniture winds up taking up all the space!

The key to a comfy college dorm or living space is making effective use of what little space you have.  That’s why many students wind up with loft beds – you get your beds off the floor and are able to make more use of the space for important things – like the TV, fridge, and a beer pong table.  It kind of defeats the purpose if you have a huge desk taking up the space your bed would have!

Of course, your parents may already be shelling out a ton of money on your education, so trying to convince them to buy you a new computer desk to replace the college provided one is no easy feat.

But hopefully you’ve been doing more than partying your last summer at home.  As a new high school graduate and “responsible” adult, you’ve probably been working hard and saving money for the college experience.  Shelling out around $100 to $150 for a desk shouldn’t be a problem.

After all, you’re going to be spending a LOT of time at your desk and on your computer, so it’s important you have a desk that can fit all your stuff, but not take up too much room in the dorm.  And more than likely, if it holds up, you’ll be taking it with you once you graduate and get your first apartment in the real world.

There are two main styles of desk that can fulfill all these needs – affordable, yet long lasting, small but with plenty of storage space, and easy to move around.

Mobile Computer Desks

A computer desk on wheels is a great option for the average college student.  They can run relatively cheap and it’s easy to move around as you rearrange your dorm or switch spaces.  Depending on your price range, you can find mobile desks that are simply workstations (meaning just big enough to fit your computer and printer) or full sized desks that give you more option for storage. 

The examples below typically range from $50 to  $160.

Affordable Mobile Computer Desks

An Affordable Mobile Computer Desk
Another Mobile Computer Desk
A Third Mobile Computer Desk

Computer Desk With Hutch

As a student, you’re going to need to store many books and a ton of papers.  Having a desk with plenty of storage space that doesn’t take up too much room is a challenge – so your best bet is to take advantage of vertical space.  Rather than buying a big wide desk, you can go with one that has a hutch on top. 

The examples below range from $75 to $175.  (And they’re mobile too!)

Affordable Computer Desks With Hutches

Computer Desk With A Hutch
Another Computer Desk With A Hutch