Maybe the last time you walked through your family room or entertainment area you were struck by just how many DVD movie discs or CD music discs you actually own. For many people this large amount of media requires more than just a few bookcases to hold everything, a specialized media storage rack or case may be the right fit for you. But just like when you purchase almost anything today, there are options and considerations you should think about first.

In order to decide what kind of DVD CD storage style will work the best in your apartment or house, you should ask yourself a few questions. Obviously the first is knowing exactly how many pieces of media you will need to store. Do you want a storage option that will hold both DVD's and CD's, or a separate for each? Many times you can find CD storage cabinets that will hold all kinds of media and make a perfect stereo stand in entertainment rooms.

The presence of children in your home may also alter your search since little hands can often explore new furniture. Especially if you have a baby or toddler, making certain the media storage you buy isn't tipsy or prone to be top heavy will be very important. While some of the models you see at stores may look sturdy enough, make sure you consider whether they will be on carper or not, and how the extra weight of movies and compact discs will affect the balance. We have seen plenty of CD towers that easily tip over when full and on surfaces such as tile or carpet.

One of the more common styles of media storage for larger collections is a large wall shelf that not only secures to the wall, but also the floor. Sometimes these storage units will include glass doors to keep little explorers out, but still allow you to see your entire collection. One of the other benefits of a wall mounted shelf unit is they are easily expandable by adding an identical unit when your collection grows.

No matter what kind of media storage option you decide on, getting your movies and music organized in one place will feel great. Especially for people that have larger collections a well displayed collection can be a great conversation starter and adds a unique feel to an entertainment room or area.